Rosella - are they unhappy caged, better in aviary?

I suppose another point - he wasn’t able to live with me for a few months while I moved and was able to bring our cockatiel (Brexit paperwork with moving pets grrr…). In that time although he was in his big cage with plenty of toys and was hanging out with my parents daily while they worked from home (although in the cage) he seemed to develop a feather plucking problem. It was thankfully resolved when we were able to reunite (although admittedly being back on his proper pellet diet and outside cage time could also have contributed greatly).

I simply don’t want to let him down, he seems okay without our cockatiel (I ensured he saw the body) and in fact seems to delight that he’s won the cage wars (they were constantly swapping cages when let out during the day - and rejoiced in climbing the cockatiel’s cage if he returned early; territorial for sure!).

I do my best for enrichment but it’s hit or miss whether he will just ignore certain toys (or the foraging box I just set up) and I wonder would he be happier around lots of other birds, or would he miss me or his comfortable life here.
I'm so sorry for you loss reading this just brok my wee heart hope your OK
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