Rehoming much loved Green Cheeked Conure


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Hi all, hope you are all well and happy new year.

I think I’ve made the final decision that I want to rehome my wonderful little chicken Bertie. I’ve had him for 7 years, tamed him myself from being wild, and he’s now a cuddly and very sweet bird. Can be nippy but hasn’t drawn blood from me for a long time.

My circumstances have changed a lot over the years but I now live alone with him and it’s making it very difficult for me to just relax and do life without guilt whenever I leave him (for a day or after work to do extra curricular stuff) and it’s affecting me quite severely. I also plan on going travelling in a year. I’m absolutely heartbroken over this and don’t have any friends I can give him to, otherwise I would without hesitation. I won’t have him go to just anyone, he’s a pet and needs someone to love him. I’d also like to keep in touch.

Can anyone help me? I don’t hugely mind where in the country as I have a car and can take him to meet people, but I have a lot of ties in West Sussex, Surrey, East York’s and the Midlands. This isnt a decision I make lightly, it has been playing on my mind for a year at least.

He’s been about 50/50 getting on with other conures and when I’m not at work he spends all of his time out of his cage (which he would come with).

Michael Reynolds

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Hi is that little Bertie if I have remembered the name properly? I know you are finding things difficult at the moment but do you think at a later date you will like him back? I wish I could help you keep him


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I'm with Michael on this one, maybe you could find a long term career so you can do your travling then have him back after you have blown the cobwebs out. As for being out the odd evening and him being in his cage I wouldn't worry about it, it sounds like you still give him enough love and attention for him to be happy.


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I also agree. you have a year before you travel, maybe the carer could spend time with Bertie now so when they take on the carers role he is more comfortable? Plan ahead see how it goes....
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