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And that's just the birds mess how about the mess you and your family make Ha Ha. One of the biggest problems I have at the moment is that I cannot move some of the heavy stuff dust and seed behind the big cages that are not on wheels or have sections to large that I cannot lift up, mainly on Busters and the large Macaws cages, once lock down is over I can get my neighbours to help me but it is so annoying as I can see the dust and poop behind busters cage Mainly from the birds that sleep on his cage over night. i will be so glad to get my full strength and movement back. Surgeon says it may take another six months and i must not over go things managed to move my washing machine out and clean behind that but i have not been able to put it back yet and that was over a week ago. just herd some things going crash on the floor in the kitchen so i hope my birds are enjoying there breakfast,
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