Re-Homing Two Quaker Parrots and Two Cockatiels


[Greenville, SC area] ~1 hour drive possible ~
Hello, I have had these birds for around a year now and with my daily schedule, being a full-time college student living off-campus, and working, I don't have a lot of time to be with them. They need the best of care and all the attention possible. They all have a different personality, they are all beautiful birds and they deserve the best.

Alpha - Cockatiel (Female?)
Omega - Cockatiel (Female?)
Loki - Blue Quaker (Female?)
Pikachu - Lutino (Yellow) Quaker (Male?)

I have had to keep the cockatiels away from the quakers due to them being aggressive toward each other. The cockatiels sleep in the same cage. The quakers do not sleep in the same cage, but do get along. No DNA tests were done, but it is suspected that Loki is a female(we will refer to Loki as him because we got the genders mixed up) and Pikachu is a male (which we will refer to as a she because we got the genders mixed up).
All of these birds have been kept on a Zupreem pellet diet and are also given Laefbers Nutriberries on occasion whenever training. Millet is given as a treat.

I'm going to begin with talking about Alpha, my cockatiel. He (I assumed) is a very peaceful piano guy. He reminds me of a old man when he gets tired and grumpy. He like the quiet and twinkly music. He likes to be petted/spoiled and will always want the rubs, if not he will yell at you, but he is not a biter. If you insist he can be a nibbler. He is very passionate and bonds really well, if he ever sees you he will fly to you right away.

Next is Omega, the completion of the cockatiel duo. Alpha and her (I assumed) don't get along, they can coexist, but as far as preening and socializing, its a no-go. They (both Alpha and Omega) have two very different personalities. Omega is a wild and beautiful bird. She is content and will find every toy as her favorite. She is Marilyn Monroe beautiful, from her big eyes to her long beautiful mo hawk.

My Lutino Quaker, Pickachu, is a wild one as well. She is an amazing mimicker, she gives the best kisses, and plays the best games of peekaboo. She's not too keen on trying new foods and during the night she likes to see a little bit of light so the boogeyman doesn't get her. She also doesn't tuck her head in her wings when she sleeps, she kinda just sits there and falls asleep like a horse. And an important note: she is very talented at lockpicking, we have to tie a string on her cage so she cannot get out.

And lastly, my blue Quaker. His name is Loki, he is mischievous and will butter you up for anything he wants. He is beautiful, he is so passionate, he is the best bird I've ever had. He means nothing but love and doesn't intend any harm. He will get jealous if he doesn't get enough attention, if kisses are given out, he wants one too. He will eat with you, he will sleep with you if you're tired, he will take baths in his food bowl because he knows you'll give him a proper bath when he does. He is the best at making bird soup, when he dunks his pellets and eats them when there soggy and gross, and he will fly to you if you're crying or sad. He will fly around while you walk and if he disagrees with you, he will let you know and it's the cutest thing ever. He is still growing and learning and developing his own personality. He is better than a dog or even another human being. He's my best friend and I want nothing but the best for him. Please.. please understand before wanting to home any of these birds, they're not just birds, you look into those brown eyes and you see someone else. You see another soul that wants to be loved and taken care of.

PLEASE make sure you have the biggest cage possible, they need room, they don't have an entire house to lounge around in if you're gone to grocery shop or at work.
They need toys, they need to exercise their beaks, they need to be entertained, if you're not there or if they just want to be to themselves and adventure things.

Their diet should be the healthiest. They need their vitamins and minerals. There's no room for error. Not too much seed, just the right amount. I don't want them being unhealthy and un-taken care of. Loki loves greens, and he loves corn. I fill their water cups with bottled water, I will not give them anything that I wouldn't want. Loki will also eat anything that is food so be careful if you're eating around him, he will steal your food and run/fly away with it, I promise.

Sleeping arrangements: Omega, Alpha, Loki, and Pikachu all have a sleeping cover over their cages to prevent drafts and help them maintain their body temperature, etc. But I always leave room for light, I use a tiny lamp as a night light because the cockatiels are prone to night terrors in their lifetime, so if and when they do have a night terror, they will be able to see light when we come to calm them and not be in complete darkness. Loki hasn't had any history of ever having nightmares but Pikachu has had roughly three night terrors. This is just because of a noise she might have heard or someone moving around at night. But this has been rare for her.

IMPORTANT: The cockatiels and quakers are being sold individually.

These birds are my life, but my actual life is becoming too complex. There have been some familial issues and housing arrangements are having to be made. I don't want to let my birds go but its for the best that I do. Please don't see how cute they are and promise to take care of them because they honestly may be too much to take care of. Read up on either the Cockatiels or the Quakers, research, look at their lifespan and their mannerisms. Look at the special attention they need. And most of all see if you have the capability to sacrifice going out that night or travelling or anything that might separate you from your bird. Because you are all they have, and if you aren't there..then what do they have?

-I truly do look forward to meeting whoever is interested in homing one of my beautiful birds.

This is a copy and paste from my post on another forum, I am honestly desperate to find a good home for these birds and have been looking everywhere. Please, if you are interested, let me know right away. I am unable to take the best care of them and I cannot find anyone that is willing to take them in. Thank you..


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Hello Bradta,

Thank you for such a detailed post! The passion you show for the birds is incredible and i admire you for it. You have come to the right place! I am sure one of our lovely members here will be able to provide a very good home for them.

Best wishes


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Michael Reynolds

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Hello and welcome, you gave a great description of each of your birds, there likes and there ways, well done it shows you love each of them, do you think there is a chance of your life changing so you can have them back later? it may help members if you say the area they live as we have members all over, I know by your post this has been a hard choice for you to make and owing to circumstance's beyond your control you are having to give up your loved ones. my heart goes out for you and I do hope members can offer relief


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Hi @bradta sorry you need to rehome your dear birdies.
We cannot spread the word but if you are a FB member you may be able to do it that way.
Good luck and fingers crossed for a lovely home.


*Copied from my other post on another forum, needing to post it on every post so people know*
Good news!
I have found a person to take in each of the birds. I will be contacting each of them during the week.
Below is the state that the people live in:
Alpha and Omega - Georgia
Loki - North Carolina
Pikachu - Florida

I will post anymore updates, if anyone cannot take the birds anymore, etc.
Thank you all!

And thank you guys on here, I didn't realize the domain until DizzyBlue said it. Thanks for the recommendations on FB dianaT.
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