R.i.p Billy-joe


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Rest in Peace Billy-Joe, you will be missed xxxx

Billy-Joe was a beautiful Chimpanzee at Colchester zoo. She didn't have the best start in life and was rescued from a experimental facility and because of her trauma from so young she developed a unhealthy behavour of rocking backwards and forwards against the wall. She was very happy at Colchester Zoo and she had children and even grandchildren. She passed away at 40 years of age. She would always come over to see me when I arrived. We visited regularly and a lot of the times weekly. She would always sit with me and she loved me opening my bag so she could have a look inside.
I love you so much Billy-Joe, the zoo is not going to be the same without.
Rest in peace beautiful xx

Michael Reynolds

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I have never herd of Billy Joe but the passing of any animal is a sad time for me but many whom new her will be affected and she sounds a special chimp. rest in peace little one you have been loved by many and will remain in there hearts
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