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Question Of The Week 3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bikergirl Carol, May 19, 2017.

  1. bikergirl Carol

    bikergirl Carol Regular Member

    This is a foody one
    When making burgers in a bun which order do you add stuff
    from bottom to top

    1 cheese
    2 onions
    3 tomato sauce
    4 anything else ?
  2. denzarki

    denzarki Regular Member

    Cheese, burger then sauce on the bottom. Hold the onions

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  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    I do not eat burgers too small not enough contents can get in them without making the bun to big to bite
  4. Stinkie

    Stinkie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    1. Mayo (sorry :D)
    2. Lettuce
    3. Cheese
    4. Burger
    5. Bit more mayo... love mayo!
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  5. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Am not a burger eater either.
  6. denzarki

    denzarki Regular Member

    My dad used to have mayo but that's cos he's allergic to the E number that's in anything red (including natural red like tomatoes weirdly enough) he was a taxi driver and would go to maccies once or twice a day and they'd start making his quarter with mayo when they saw his rover taxi pulling in lol

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  7. Bradders

    Bradders Parrot Power! Staff Member Moderator

    Just loving your weekly questions @bikergirl Carol

    I've been vegetarian for nearly a year now but when I did make burgers, it was: lettuce, burger, onions then ketchup! Logical order I think!
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  8. Kerin

    Kerin Regular Member

    Not something I make often at all, but when I have done it was
    1. Mayo
    2. Salad (onions, toms, pickle)
    3. Burger
    4. Lettuce
  9. Beaky

    Beaky Regular Member

    Never had one !
  10. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    I am amazed at the way you are all making burgers?????

    I would have thought it would not be so messy if you put half the bun on the bottom. (I said THE bottom, not YOUR bottom).
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  11. Setanta

    Setanta Regular Member

    Then put the unidentifiable dead horsemeat and the awful white bread in the bin
    Follow with a large glass of red wine
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