Pumpkin for chickens

Oli Fry

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Superb - that's made my day! What breed are they?
I'm hoping to get some Pekin bantams at some point...


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Oooo guessing game guess the chicken breed :aaaaa:
I guess the following (until the chicken peeps get here lol) top photo reading as a clock face....

Love a guessing game but don't know chicken breeds so all are random guesses

5 o'clock Plymouth rock
1 o'clock looks like a lavender breed no idea which one as can't see the face.
2 o'clock hmm buff orpington
10 o'clock erred barred Plymouth rock
8 o'clock hmmm brown sussex
3 o'clock bird..... Reminds me of the Brown rosecomb leghorn but they usually have but combs on their heads.... Those lovely white cheek patches are awesome.... Can't decide if that's a fluffy foot or not that can be seen
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