Puffy eye in Crimson Bellied Conure



We got our crimson bellied conure out this morning as usual and noticed he was scratching at his right eye a lot, and it is quite puffy. He is also not opening it fully sometimes.
On inspection, he had a bit of fluff in there which we got out, but he still isn't opening it fully.

Any thoughts on what we should do? Just default to take him to a vet, or wait a few hours or until tomorrow? Try and wash it ourselves?

Forgot to say, it doesn't seem to be bothering him other than scratching a bit. He's eating, pooping, flying fine and making all his usual noises.

Thanks in advance


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The vet gave me a call back late this afternoon. She said she could give some eyedrops to help him close his eye and be more comfortable.
Luckily the swelling has gone down a lot, but the bottom eyelid is still red - probably from where he was scratching it this morning. He seems perfectly fine now though, so hopefully that will resolve itself.

Seems like it must have been the fluff in his eye causing him irritation this morning! Just not sure where it came from, as we were very worried about him! I've read how quickly small things can become serious with birds.

All seems okay for now though <3
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