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Psychotic Biting Episodes! 2 Year Old Caique

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Tegan Metters, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I find this all very interesting it gives insight to Caiques behaviour.
  2. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I get that @Setanta
    I just feel like it's comparing apples and oranges with it being two completely different environments

    If there was an aviary full of caiques for Archie to join and if I thought he'd be happier in one then I'd happily see him in one, but he's 99% happy here anyways, just these odd outbursts and strange behaviour

    Maybe the new female will sort him out, I have a feeling he'll reject her all together which will be weird of him to do too
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  3. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I'm sure some of you will have noticed a pattern here... We've had a few members either already on the forum or joining the forum with the same problem, the random attacks from a normally cuddly tame bird, is it a Caique thing?

    We can't pretend that the rest of the members on the forum are never getting a bite from their birds whether it's Amazon's, greys or conures
  4. Stinkie

    Stinkie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I can tell you hand on heart Stinkie never bit me and there was no bluffing stage either, but he did hump and nest a lot, which I allowed because they didn't make him aggressive, maybe they are what kept him mellow. This conure bites but it's more of a 'need to have something in my beak at all times, and sometimes it's going to be your fingers' rather than a vicious chomp down - but since he's still a baby I'm happy to revisit this conversation in a couple of years when hormones kick in!

    It feels a bit odd sometimes watching all these videos of caiques doing these cute and funny dances (well they ARE cute!) but knowing they are not being amusing but displaying hormonal behaviours and probably getting increasingly sexually frustrated while we all laugh at how funny they are.
  5. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    What funny dances @Stinkie ?
    Archie does the hopping up and down on a perch which means "Look at me, give me attention, let me out NOW" which I can see how that frustrates him. He also humps his perch which I obviously allow and I think that helps him too.

    I've heard conures can be nippy? And caiques are generally quite "beaky" but there's a difference to archie being "beaky" when he's just gently biting my fingers and rolling on his back like he would with another Caique the way they play fight to when he deliberately flies to attack your hand and draw blood, or bites because he doesn't want to step up
  6. Stinkie

    Stinkie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I mean the ones where the caiques open and close their wings and hop because those are displaying behaviours same as a cockatiel's heart wings and singing. They are sweet and fun behaviours and they do their job which is to catch our attention but inside the birds the bubbling desire is to attract the attention of a mate.

    Does Archie look for nesting places? Do you think the sleep tent could be setting him off?
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  7. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    He has an actual tent thing but he just uses that to throw his toys out of it to hear the bang on the cage floor (he does it with everything in and out of the cage), or wrestle with his toys, he won't sleep in it or do any sort of nesting behaviour.

    His sleep tent thing I don't know... He only uses it at night, ignores it all day, I wouldn't like to take it off him it keeps him warm

    If this theory is true... With the mating behaviour, then Archie getting a mate all for himself will help won't it? This will be interesting to see
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  8. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    Also the wing thing, Archie does that, he goes tall or low down and lifts his wings up and down, it makes a noise and his eyes pin, I think it's to be impressive and "look at me"
  9. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    They love you and all the sunshine out there @Setanta :sun_smiley::sun_smiley:....

    Not trying to be flippant, but one thing noticeable in the behaviour of my two a Conure and an Amazon is that on grey rainy days they can be grumpy and when there are strong winds due or deep low pressure on the way they can get quite nippy.

    It does seem that Caiques enjoy their own company alongside their human companions.
  10. Setanta

    Setanta Regular Member

    Mine have a big open clear perspex roof on the avairy, but when given a chance they will all congregate in the sides in the shadows. I'm sure its because they are tree canopy birds and dont want to expose themselves to predators, out in the open sunshine.

    Being Rainforest birds, mine hugely enjoy rain and thunderstorms, They chatter and scream while the rain falls, they will even wake me up at night and I can tell its raining without looking out by the excited cries from the avairy. I'm sure you have all seen the pix of them racing through their bathwater.

    Still however much it rains ( and I live on the Cape of Storms ) there are no flying attacks
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  11. Setanta

    Setanta Regular Member

    And I am not interested in winning any argument, or presenting my avatar as an expert in this or that. Much less irritating people who are doing their best for their fids.
    I want to know how it is possible that I can have a whole GANG of these wilful creatures and not suffer even one flying attack, while others are at their wits end trying to stop this beheaviour.
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  12. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I wish we could get inside their heads and know what they are thinking.... I know even from my own actions that sometimes when I'm tired or not feeling well I approach mine like mini-humans and expect them to follow instructions given in English, like don't do that, or be quiet.....they are wild creatures and they are in an alien human environment...and sometimes they are happy and other times the silly human is doing it all wrong...wrong coloured top, hair different, wrong food at the wrong time, wrong weather...goodness knows....
    I think the environment yours have there Setanta is much closer to their natural one, plus birds do behave better for some people and not so well for others.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  13. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I think the only thing I'm doing wrong is keeping Archie as a "pet" I don't see him as one but that's what he is at the end of the day
    He shouldn't be here in England in a house in a cage, an aviary is the closest thing you will get to their natural environment and having a real large flock can only be good for them.

    You never know, one day I might just have my own aviary and large flock, I did want one for budgies but perhaps I'll have a Caique one too, I only want what is best for him 100%
    I'm really hoping he'll love having the company of this new girl Caique
  14. Roz

    Roz Elected Forum Trainer Regular Member

    Really interesting discussion! You sound like you are in Caique heaven, Setana! :)

    I too wonder whether it is something to do with birds that are alone and maybe over bonding to the person in their lives. I also wonder whether hand rearing has something to do with it? I know Kobe isn't a Caique but it sounds like he engages in the same aggressive behaviour. Calm one second and really scary the next especially at certain times of the year. It started at the age of about 2 years old. From hearing about Pionus for many years on forums, it does seem fairly common in males. Sally Blanchard once said that male Pionus have larger than average testes for their overall size than other parrots. I know nothing about Caique anatomy.

    Kobe is hand reared and was an only bird for some years or with Boo the Budgie. I think I doted on Kobe too much. I had thought about getting a female Pionus but Kobe seems to either ignore or take offence at any other bird. He seeks me out at every given opportunity.... and tends to follow me around. I don't know if he regards me as his mate. Kobe is way more difficult than any of the Amazons. It was Kobe's behaviour that got me into behaviour and training in the first place.

    I notice I can get the attacks to decrease by using the strategies I mentioned earlier. But it's like my whole way of life... how I walk from room to room is ruled by what Kobe is doing and where he is which I find tiring. I was under a lot of pressure with the house move 2 years ago and again recently so my temper became frayed... so we take a few steps back again.

    By comparison the Amazons here are so easy. Ollie would never bite - I can even go up and stroke him when he's in full display. Bobbie again is easy... easy to read. She will bite if I pick up a strange object so I have to be careful, but it is predictable. Chico is aggressive but it's not these lightning changes of mood. Chico is predictable. I can diffuse the aggression by asking if he'd like a head scratch. None of these Amazons are cage aggressive. Kobe used to be cage aggressive, but that is something I have successfully worked on.
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  15. Kerin

    Kerin Regular Member

    @Setanta It sounds like you got Cha-Cha a mate at the right time, at two years old just when one was needed. From that point on on there was always at least a pair, and then a flock, for your birds. So they are well adjusted and not suffering from any frustrations or temper outbursts :) :thumbsup:

    I do envy a little that both you Setanta, and Pally, have a flock of caiques, if only because they really do seem to be happiest as a group or pair. Having more than one really wasn't my intention when I re-homed Pea, but I think due to the fact that he will live a long time and is still only two I will have to, for his long term well-being and happiness. His previous owners loved him to bits, from what they told me he was very spoiled and was over-bonded to his previous mum as a mate. Naturally he must have been very unhappy to have been separated from her and I'm sure I was "to blame" as a stranger who had taken him from them. He was lovely at first, keeping close out of insecurity, but then he started attacking after a few weeks when spring brought his hormones rising. They had previously attempted to get him a friend which failed badly but perhaps that bird was also male. I'm not sure how old that new bird was, but for whatever reason Pea wanted to be friends and the new one didn't and hated Pea so was re-homed. Pea also made friendly overtures to Chewy when he came and Chew tolerates him but warns him to back off when he gets too close, so there's no bird friendship for him here either poor lad.

    This thread shows how even birds who display similar behaviors can be very different characters though. Pea loved his snuggle hut "nest" at his previous home but ignored it here totally. Eventually he started using it again and he does also "love my hands" now like he did 1st mums, (but not excessively so), and those two behaviors coincided with him calming down. Pea is now a very affectionate and happy little lad who hasn't bitten for many weeks. *touch wood* :)
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  16. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Regular Member

    I got Archie at 18 months, I never got bitten for over a year
    I used to let him gently wrestle with my hands but I've stopped that now as it would turn to a nasty bite for some reason
    So he wrestles with my hand through a blanket and just gently nibbles now

    He bites if I want him to step up from something he shouldn't be on, but the weird bites are when I'm sitting on my bed and I touch my hair with my hand, he sometimes launches from the window to bite my hand, he doesn't like me using laptops, tv remotes, if you hold a phone to your ear you are sure to get a nasty bite

    I just avoid all these scenarios entirely by wearing long sleeves or having a blanket on my arms

    I have no idea what his previous home treat him like
    He hasn't bitten me since that time I was cleaning his cage out and I was messing around with a bin bag

    Like I say, I just avoid avoid avoid
    Most of the time he's perfect
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