Psuk Stafford 7th October 2018


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Not sure if anybody is interested in attending but here's the information for those that are :)

Tickets on the door: £9.00
Pre-booked : £8
Accompanied children under the age of 16 years free
Blue badge holders and one companion early entry on pre-applied for tickets via the PSUK

None PSUK members entry is 9.30am and members of the PSUK it's 7.30am

If you pre-book and you are not a member then its £8 but you only get to go in at 9:30am by the looks of it so all you will be doing is saving £1 and standing in the queue I presume?! If I go this is what I will be doing! This show is not as large as the other shows that they do and there is another one that is smaller during December.

The car parking there is grass so if its boggy perhaps wise to take some old cardboard or old carpet to place beneath your wheels of your vehicle. I got bogged down there last year and it took two hours to wait to be towed out along with lots of other people! Although its lovely grass bad weather can make it a pain to park on!

Address / Location:-
Staffordshire County Showground - Post Code is ST18 0BD

It is on the A518 Stafford to Uttoxeter Road 4 miles from Stafford.
Drivers using the M6 from either the North or South should exit at junction 14 and follow the signs for the County Showground.

Link to the show ground here just click on the location / map (top right hand corner of the website)

Don't know if advanced tickets are still being sold as it's getting close to the show date but you could try on the PSUK website follow this link to see if they are.


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Not been for years and won't go again probably but did used to enjoy the day to a degree. Without raining on any ones parade I must mention the need for strict quarantine procedure on any birds bought and by that I don't mean a separate cage in the same room for 2 days I mean proper isolation for 30 days!

Please also be especially aware of birds wearing foreign rings


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o it pays to be careful. last time i went I was only just setting up with budgies so it made it easier as everyone was new so it was just general lock down on all birds till new gang had all done their settling quarantine.
I have been very unpopular and had birds doing isolation in some weird places round house before, ie auction chickens in kitchen -and damn good job I did as last time within 24 hours they all came down with some hidious respiratory lurgery that needed antibiotics and heat etc - if I'd had them near other birds/chickens would have had whole lot down with it. my prefrence for chicken isolation is big cardboard box with wire lid in some out of way place in house which had added advantage of box can be burnt afterwards- i do not reuse hen isolation housing . cage birds i do whole cage in virkon after isolation as at least plastic and wire can be sterilised where as wooden poultry housing is near impossible.

if anyone from Birmingham going and sees some crested zebra finches at a sane price buy them please and I will come pick up after lol! would also like some of those triple orange ! o & I am also after a mutation colour cockatiel hen....
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