Poultry heat lamp?


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Don't know if this should be in grooming or housing.

I know PTFE & PFOA etc heaters are a big no, but has anyone used poultry heat lamps for their parrots? I'm thinking after a shower when they're wet I've seen my girls shivering (even though we only give them showers when the heating is on & the room is warm) but wondering if a infra red heat lamp would help them dry quicker without being dangerous.
As I had reptiles I'd assume it should be on a thermostat to keep them from overheating (though how to keep the girls from chewing that might be a challenge) and provide a temperature gradient so they can move to and from the heat as needed.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I was looking at deals online for random stuff & noticed a poultry lamp & wondered if it would work for parrots.
They don't need a heat lamp as Wendy says
The shiver is heat generation they warm their under feathers to create a heat blanket.
Heat lamps can cause more issues than they resolve when it comes to parrots that's why they are kept in brooders as youngsters warmth, specialist lights and humidity regulated. Heat lamps on parrots can cause blindness, skin irritation and because parrots can be way too nosy for their own good they can also get burnt. Same reason as why reptile lights aren't a good idea for parrots.
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