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@Harriot this thread should help you :)
Just had a quick look and still looks complicated to me, downsizing photos etc. Can I just say I’m working from an I-pad not a computer and my only experience lately is downloading photos to Facebook so I may have to enlist the help of a family member in a couple of days. There is ‘attach files’ below and just tried it and it says files too large!
Apologies for the hijack but that "file too large" thing makes me really grind my teeth.

I'm sure file size limits are a sensible thing for a forum but I wonder when the size limit was last reviewed, in the light of technological developments over time - better cameras with higher resolutions, cheaper storage on web servers, etc.

Sorry again for the off-topic interruption.
I review the system regularly plus it's me that funds the forum I keep it to what I feel is sensible sizes as when you get multiple users loading loads of pictures they keep them to the maximum size they can. If I put it at 6gb everybody would load to that level without thinking perhaps it's ok to have it smaller :noidea:
Sometimes on updates of software we loose a few older photos. I don't delete unless requested to delete photos basically if it's on here it's on here it stays here with very few rare exceptions (forum rules on some stuff applies).
I clear out old threads like the lost and found regularly, try and ensure broken links are fixed, move threads to relevant folders during the early hours of the morning if I can. Forum is backed up every night automatically.
Forum back in the day was nothing new to have it collapse due to having a few hundred users on site all uploading and gabbing in what was a multiroom chatbox used to drive us nuts getting notifications we were nearing our allocated space did we wish to increase our capacity it would cost X amount of money. Do we delete things or want to keep things for others to discover by searching random bits of information etc I refuse to have anybody delete things in the memorial section even if I close forum eventually I would try to keep that section immortalised and accessible somehow - I just need to remember not to drop dead before I do it!
The forum is basically privately funded no adverts free to join we don't collect or sell people's information to get money.
Staff are volunteer members who have kindly donated their time to help whenever they can.
Forum is a black hole money pit and has been since creation in 2012 but it was created for other reasons to help owners and birds stay together regardless of their financial status free info free help and support from other parrot slaves when we need it most with a kind understanding word or three.
It's the same with the photo albums that are allocated to each user on-site it's a set amount of storage space some use it others don't.
I don't own the servers it's space that's rented on a shared UK one it's very very reasonably charge but it comes down to how much money I want to throw at it unfortunately I don't own a money tree and neither am I IT orientated just bird obsessed.
My aim was to keep as much relevant information on parrots as possible debates knowledge etc for me it's about the birds.
We all love piccies but if I made the forum just for that purpose it would be called photobucket or like some of the other systems Twitter or should I say X.
I'm no IT guru that's why I pay for our guru to do the complicated stuff.

Enough forum background information I love to see pictures of the birdies!
Hi, thank you all again for your information regarding photos and I understand the responsibilities and I respect people who give their time to run and monitor these forums, you obviously have to deal with people like me with little knowledge. I will keep trying and thank you for your patience. I definitely know how to press this reply button!!
@Harriot Thing is I don't have a clue with IT stuff and pressing buttons gets me in to all sorts of problems.
Its just like owning a parrot really we all start somewhere and it just depends on our wishes as to how much information or how far we want to go
At the end of a week of trying you will have it down as second nature either that or have thrown your ipad a cross the room and broken it!!

Its like with parrots there's never a daft question it just means we haven't come across something and forums are very old school these days but for some of us golden oldies we like to not have to be scrolling around when we want to find something like you have to do on facebook or X etc that as something else comes along the other thing you was reading ends up miles away down in the ether and everybody has to keep asking the same question over periods of times as its not in a certain place to be discovered

I am a maniac with button pressing and have broken the forum a number of times :BangHead: if its red and says don't press this I am all over it like the measles
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