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Possible Rehoming Of African Grey

Discussion in 'Rehoming' started by NickP, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    My parents have had a female, African Grey called Roger. - they believed she was a he for the first 15 years - for 26 years, and they are now thinking about rehoming 'him'. My dad has mobility issues and my Mum is about to have heart surgery, and they feel that they are no longer able to give the attention he needs. I have offered to make enquiries on this site about the possibility of rehoming him. He talks, whistles and 'dances' to music. He has seemed to become less friendly, but I think this is from the reduced amount of interaction with him. He is healthy and in good condition in terms of his feathers etc. I am not sure what papers my parents have for him.l am also mindful that my parents have asked me to just make an enquiry at the minute, as I want to make sure that this is what they want.
    They are in the Worksop/Rotherham area. If he decides to part with him, My Dad would want to know that he was going to a parrot lover, and that he wouldn't be 'sold on'. They would not require payment other than the possibly a nominal amount, if that was necessary, to ensure that he went to a good home, but if it was clear that he was going to be well looked after, they would probably just let him go. I would have to confirm this with them.

    Thank you in advance for any help or advice.
    @marley @Dell27 @jaspers mum @dianaT
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  2. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Nicky

    I am enclosing a link to gov.uk

    Which is a rather lengthy guidance on CITES - under which African Grey Parrota are now protected as Appendix 1 classification.

    Breeding birds, their offspring, and any bird coming under the definition of commercial activity (I.e. Being sold) needs to be registered - or if an Appendix 1 bird is gifted, then the gifting paperwork completed.

    The Animal and Plant Health Agency, are responsible for implementing this worldwide agreement here in the U.K., and I would suggest you call their helpline 03000 200 301 - and they can confirm what the requirements for Roger would be.

    I can understand your father's concerns over Roger's future home. We have many long standing members here who have their own birds, and take care of birds for other people, and permanently rehome. The forum also gives original owners the ability to keep in touch with a birds progress with its new home and flock.
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  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Hello and welcome Nickp your parents have had Roger a long time and they will miss not having her around. I would like to ask one question regarding your mother and her intended op. if all is successful (I hope so) would she like the opportunity to be able to have Roger back? If so I can offer a home until she has recovered. Roger will remain your parents bird but I will look after her for as long as it takes. as has been mentioned Greys are now CITES I birds and will need paperwork from DEFEA before any monies can be exchanged. even if given a CITES I bird requires a letter of gift from your parents to the new keeper. if they decide they will not be able to care for Roger then I work with Safehaven Parrot Refuge and they find good homes for parrots but I will always let other members of this site priority to offer a permanent home if that is what your parents wish.
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  4. jaspers mum

    jaspers mum Regular Member

    Is this now a new post as the original one has gone?
    @Dell27 if your dad would rather let him be fostered long term. I'm sure someone can help x
  5. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It may have been updated.
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  6. jaspers mum

    jaspers mum Regular Member

    Thanks Diana x
  7. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    Hi, yes, it was deleted at my request, and I reposted with more information. Thanks.
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  8. pixar-kitten

    pixar-kitten Regular Member

    Just to say, CITES A10 is required for selling a Grey. However one may be gifted without one. Provided that a covering letter is given stating that no money has changed hands.
    Really hope your parents are OK. I know this must be heartbreaking. As people have suggested, maybe fostering is an option?
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  9. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Errr shame your so far away I could give her a brilliant home.
  10. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    Thanks. I think if they can find him a good home they will let him go ☹️
    I am looking after him at the minute, but we are out at work all day, so it's not ideal.
  11. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    Thanks, where are you and what's your 'set up' for your pets?
  12. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Newquay cornwall I'm afraid I'm about as far away as you can get. My parrot gets free run of the house and I'm building a massive aviary as we speak
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  13. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    Thanks. If we can't find anybody else - meet you half way?????
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  14. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    I really couldn't travel that far I'm afraid, really sorry.
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  15. marley

    marley Regular Member

    I may be able to help if you get stuck
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  16. Dell27

    Dell27 Regular Member

    It sounds like you are getting lots of offers of help but If all else fails I could help x

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  17. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    I understand, thanks.
  18. Clinton

    Clinton Regular Member

    Have the rehoming of the birdie been sorted yet ?
  19. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  20. NickP

    NickP Regular Member

    No, I've still got him at the moment, and he seems to have taken to me. He doesn't try to bite me, just mouths me and he's walked on my hands and has made some interesting noises to me. My mum only came out of hospital at the weekend, and I don't think my parents have discussed what they want to do yet. We work during the day, so all I can do is leave him the TV on when we are out. I haven't seen that anybody on here has said that they might want him, apart from @marley, but I know that my post said that it was only a 'maybe'.
    Thanks @dianaT @Clinton .