Possible mating behaviour?


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Good afternoon everybody, I feel i am a worrying annoyance the last few days with Bo but i know this is the place i can turn.

Bo is 2 in 2 weeks and his behaviour has suddenly changed in the past couple of weeks which makes me think even though he is young is this mating behaviour?

So firstly he has become so attached, if you leave the room he flys after you and if he is inside his cage he jumps up and down on his perch until you return, i have a camera set up and watch him and when he calms i return back in.
He does this with anybody, he does not have a particular person and will follow anybody out the room.

Secondly he is over grooming himself; he is in a moult but his neck feathers look super scruffy and i was concerned he was plucking but watching him he doesn’t pull the feathers, he just grooms them a lot! He gets baths every other day, but it is rare he will accept a bath fully and puff his feathers up, non the less he gets a bath because he is an itchy bird.

The main thing is his behaviour, he has started to drop his wings and pant and make very strange panting noises. The other evening he jumped on my boyfriends arm and dropped his wings so low he covered my boyfriends arm. We put him back on his cage and tried to distract him but nothing works.

He doesn’t have a set person he displays this behaviour with either, anybody will do haha! I shouldn’t laugh but he is putting it on a plate for everybody and anybody 😂
He also tries to regurgitate food for anybody when he feels like it, it could be morning, afternoon or night he doesn’t care who or when the little sleaze haha!

I suppose my main question is help!
We have no warning signs; he could be sat on his cage playing with toys then bam, wings are dropped his is panting. Or he will be on the sofa with us and again it happens, it isn’t every day but when it happens there is no distracting him because anything we do encourages him.

If he is on the sofa with us and the behaviour happens we put him elsewhere such as his Java stand and try do some recall or anything to occupy him but he’s not bothered, he flys back to the sofa and carries on.
Likewise if he is on his cage and starts we try hard to play a game or something but he ignores anything but his urge ha!
He only ever gets head tickles, we don’t touch him anywhere but his head and his feet when he steps up and we are training for him to allow us to check him etc.

He has not become aggressive at all, he doesn’t bite he just pants and pants and drops his wings.
I know he is very young but any advice would be brilliant. I don’t want to do anything and encourage him, confuse him or make him worse.
So any help and advice to get him through his hormones smoothly would be so appreciated 🙂
Aw bless his fluffy cotton socks! Someone with Grey experience will obviously be along soon... but the wing dropping and panting defo sounds like mating behaviour. We occasionally look after a Grey that does this when I'm near him :lol: . He swipes for my hubby though.


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You want a rough ride? Mr P who hates me with vengeance... Is hormonal regurgitating to me then trying to kill me as soon as he has lol.
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