Please help! What do you feed your african grey?


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At the end of the day that is entirely your decision
I can only say what i do which as my monsters are the same .... one won't touch papaya the others love it three eat fresh banana the others only dried.
They all love peas in the pod and all love sweet corn and sweet potatoes (some cooked some raw) hence they have Nutrobal a tiny pinch on something they love it covers them for anything they are missing in the diet. The small tiny tub at approx £5 will last you over a year for one bird as it's a tiny pinch per kilo of body weight Grey's are about average half a kilo in weight - I keep mine in the fridge
NektonS has added flavonoids and you dissolve it in their drinking water
Both products have vitamins, minerals and a heap load of things inbetween like the flavonoids and trace elements that birds need .... My lot wouldn't touch it so it would be pointless for me to buy it and offer it.
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