Plastic Bird Bath Or A Wired Version?

Plastic or wire bird baths for inside the cage.

  • Plastic

  • Wire version

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Hi everyone.

I'm just thinking what type of bird bath everyone likes?

I'm thinking of getting one and wanted to know if they was any great differences between the two?


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Mine wouldn't go in either a large dish on the cage floor they may use but mostly their water dishes! so they get a fine spray instead.
Mine use a cat litter tray, only cost a few quid from pets at home

One of mine likes a spray bottle also but the other doesnt!

Michael Reynolds

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I have tried bird bathes with out success. I do put a dog dish in the bottom of some of the birds cages but most prefer spaying or using there water dishes.
Yes I put a towel on the floor of the cage and then the cat tray and fill with water
But every bird is different, Archie hates being sprayed, Phoebe loves it

Archie sometimes bathes in his water bowl
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