Photo Contest #1 - Weather


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Upload a photo of your birds related to the theme!
You can use an existing photo or take a new one.
The photo with the most likes/votes wins.
Each person can vote twice, you do not need to upload a photo to be able to vote.
You can change your vote at any time before the contest is finished.
The winner chooses the next theme!

This week's theme is the weather!
How do I post my pic?

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Hi @PalBuddy this competition round has finished now, but we’re awaiting Nigalius to start round three.

You can upload a photo by clicking on the upload a file button just under the post text are restricted to 2Mb size and won’t upload if larger, I find the easiest way to get round that is to email the photo to yourself, so you can select lower resolution/size, then save the copy to your phot library, then select the copy one to upload.

If you go to the photo competitions section, you’ll see we also have a caption competition one
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