Photo Contest #1 - Weather

Upload a photo of your birds related to the theme!
You can use an existing photo or take a new one.
The photo with the most likes/votes wins.
Each person can vote twice, you do not need to upload a photo to be able to vote.
You can change your vote at any time before the contest is finished.
The winner chooses the next theme!

This week's theme is the weather!


Parrot Power!
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Arrgh! So many great photos. Going to be hard to pick just two! Need more thinking time!
Tricky isn't it, people can wait till everyone's finished uploading before voting if they like, or just change your vote later haha
Lovely seeing summer photos, can't wait to get out in the garden on my lounger with the birds
we have a few people tying... can we have some more people vote please? haha as I dont know what to do if three people all have the same amount of votes!
remember only 2 votes each (like up to 2 photos)
im just looking at these photos on my laptop instead of my phone and they are fantastic
Nigel ive never seen a robin as round and fat as that haha, but their thin legs make me cringe, why are they so thin :eek:
Right I've changed my vote so that we have a winner haha
Hopefully more people will vote next time or maybe we shouldn't have 2 votes each, maybe just 1?
I don't know but we have lots of people getting the same amount of votes.

@Yellowchickenparrot wins!
Please start a new thread, choose a new topic/theme for the photos of our birdies!
Just copy and paste the rules bit from the first post on here.
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