Photo Comp #4 - Gourmet Beaks



Upload a photo of your birds related to the theme!
The photo's can be your own birds or wild birds
You can use an existing photo or take a new one.
The photo with the most likes/votes wins.
Each person can vote twice, you do not need to upload a photo to be able to vote.
You can change your vote at any time before the contest is finished.
The winner chooses the next theme!
I'll sort the winner next Friday (or nag me when I forget)

Chiko’s chosen theme is Gourmet you can see from the above :pancarta:


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Sorry read it wrong, I thought it said Gourmet breaks then it I rwad it again and realised it is beaks :risas3:.
I think it is the botox side effects lol.
My birds don't seem to get dirty beaks haha Archie's a really clean bird and never gets messy when eating
Phoebe just gets it all down her front!
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