Perch potatoes


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After installing a new UV light for my parrotlets they were very active for quite a few days, more so than before, but now they've gone back to being perch potatoes. I leave their cage door open all day but they just sit together on their perch doing nothing. They come down to eat and drink and they preen each other but apart from that theres very little happening. By 7pm they're on the perch they go to sleep on at night.

Since putting them back together I have not continued trying to train them as they don't have much interest in me when they have each other. However I do still try to feed them treats from my hand just to retain some kind of trust between us.

They have toys in their cage but the only one I ever see them playing with is the one I made out of bits of willow. Apart from this they dont really play with toys.

At the moment they are just sitting on their perch napping.
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