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Evening all, just a quick one about pellets for birds.

I feed the boys harrisons pellets and don't want to change their diets about too much but want to give them the best pellet part of their diet.
I have been advised TOPS are the best pellets to give, is this true and also which type for the birds? Their seeded part i make sure to buy seeds with no peanut and no sunflower seeds in.

Alfie has the high protency fine and Bo the high protency course, just so the pellets are bigger. Just know that there's so many options out there and before they fully settle into a diet want to ensure im making the best choice.

Thanks in advance!
(Taken me a while to type the thread as my wonderful Bo has sat on my arm the whole time trying to eat my phone haha)


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Haha wonderful typo.

Mine love the birdie bread that they do too! If harrisons are really good will stick it out. Alfie loves his pellets but Bo only eats them if they are in his foraging toys or his egg boxes, so working on getting him to enjoy them.
Will look at getting some power treats on tonight's order to northern parrots haha! Thank you.
Yep I agree with sticking with what you and the birds know. Ours love the power treats and will do anything for them! They're an awesome form of bribery ;). You're already giving a mix of pellets, fruit, veg and nuts? (Not too many nuts!) so as the saying goes.... if it ain't broke, don't fix it. :thumbsup:
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