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"parrotsitting" Plymouth, Devon

Discussion in 'Holiday Homes For Birds' started by Rerona, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Rerona

    Rerona Regular Member Registered

    Hello everyone :wave:
    Some might be already aware that i live in Plymouth, Devon, and miss my own birds very much. This is why i come to the conclusion that i should do something useful to the parrot community and came with the idea of "parrotsitting" ! :applaudit:This would be a great opportunity for myself to stay in touch with birds and maybe help someone out at the same time.

    Shortly about myself for those of you who didn't read my post in the new members section:
    I am 26 years old and came to the UK in January 2017. I own parrots for three years now. My flock consist of 6 parrots, 2 Sun conures and 4 ringnecks. I have experience in caring for ill parrots or disabled ones. I do my research thoroughly on every new health problem that occurs in my own birds or that i come in contact with so i have a good basic understanding of health issues. I can also do clicker training or help you with getting started. Its very easy ! If needed i could do some cleaning as well. I think this covers everything you might want to know but if there should be anything else you want to ask do so ! Ill be glad to answer !

    The Area i can cover:
    Sadly without a car i cannot cover a very big area. I would be happy to help around Plymouth itself or a town close by if it has to be further away. As i use the bus to get around this would have to be considered as well.

    You're parrots:
    As i cannot keep pets in my place i would come to you're house to care for you're bird. I think this is anyway the option most of you would want so there should not be any problem ! Before you go on you're holiday i would visit you to get to know you as well as your pet parrot. I then would like to be instructed how you want this care to be done and discuss anything else :) I hope this would also lead to a friendship afterwards :beer-toast1:

    If anyone feels the need for a holiday in my region and does not know where to bring his parrots ill be glad to help :applaudit:Sometimes we all need them but the fear of a babysitter that doesn't know what hes doing is our biggest problem right ? I felt the same as i was leaving my birds back in Switzerland and want to give at least some of us some peace of mind !

    Rerona :emoji_bulb:
  2. Stinkie

    Stinkie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    We should meet up soon! Hopefully the weather will pick up and I can take little Stinkie out to meet you too, I am just super busy at the moment with coursework. I am planning a trip to Spain later on in the year (around September ish) and a good parrot sitter would be a blessing :) I have to tell you I am ridiculously paranoid about leaving him with anyone at all and if I say stuff like 'please don't keep him forever I want him back after the holiday' please don't be offended, it's the paranoia speaking!
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  3. Rerona

    Rerona Regular Member Registered

    Hello Stinkie :)
    Dont worry about meeting up ! I wait gladly until you have some time. Im am just very restless without my parrots so i search for other means to fulfill my needs :p Ill be happy to help you out if you go on you're holiday. I understand you're fear very well. I felt very uneasy leaving my parrots behind in someone else care even though i knew that they should provide for them just fine ! I even gave them my own parrot-food so i control at least something ! If i ask them for a photo ,again, i feel really silly because that might cause them trouble but then not doing so drives me crazy !
    Just let me know when you can meet up and let me know you and you're bird long before you go anywhere. Maybe this can help you let go a bit better and no worries about me keeping you're bird :) I only keep ones that are disabled or ill as there is enough care for healthy ones :)