Parrots are fickle...

Mike was getting Bebe getting her cage, so she could have some time with me. However, when he opened the cage and offered his arm, she was screeching, growling and swiping for him. He swapped to his left arm and she immediately calmed and stepped up. Just wanted to post this to show that although 90% of the time it may not the case, sometimes a behavioral "problem" could be as simple as your bird prefers left arms! It can be easy for us to forget their preferences, but a minor adjustment in OUR behaviour can make all the difference.
In this case, Bebe has previously expressed her preference for left arms, and eg.. she will only step down onto certain branches of the java tree. It's upto us to remember, because she has already told us as clearly as she knows how ;)


Very true, I have learnt the same thing. If i offer my right hand as I'm right handed, some birds just don't even try and step up and go to attack but swap to the other hand and they step up no problem. Same applies to some birds don't step onto bare skin but will if you cover your hand/arm. Another good to consider is colour of clothing. If i wear a red jacket mine fly away from me but if I wear a black jacket they are happy to step up. They love to test our memory of their preferences lol
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