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Parrot Play

Discussion in 'Home and Environmental Hazards' started by Mikaela, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered

    Hi all
    Was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for begginers parrot play games?
    My African grey is quite a character and easily gets angry/ frustrated when I try and play with him and will start attacking.
    The only think I've found is a little plastics cat ball with a bell in that he tries to get the bell or stand on the ball.
    Id love to try and mix it up but just don't want to be seen as winding him up
    Thanks for any help
  2. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi Mikaela and :welcome: to the forum.
    How old is your grey?
    Is it being cage possessive or are you playing away from the cage. All birds can get over excited. My Amazon likes to swing and climb so that gets a lot of the energy used up. He has a set of child's stacking plastic cups that we build up on his cage top, and then put other little toys on top, or food treats like a pod of peas, he then flies and tries to either knock the whole lot down or just grab the thing that's on the top. Cardboard Cartons and boxes often go down well, as chewing and ripping apart things.....you can also hide balls and other toys inside boxes.
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  3. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered

    He's 11 ☺️
    We had to move last year due to all sorts so we now share a 1 bedroom flat together so I think I probably spoil him as feel bad we've lost a lot of space I've never played with him on/by his cage as he get quite territorial about his space, although he'd rather be out and in my space
    He loves chewing! I often have a few Argos catalogs about which he slowly makes his way through. Id just like to find a game or activity he enjoys doing with me. I've never felt we've been the best of friends, he's always preferred others over me especially my mum when she comes to visit. Now it's just us most the time I'd love to be closer to him
  4. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    I wonder if @Roz our forum endorsed trainer might have some suggestions?
  5. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    Hi Mikaela Scooby likes plastic bottles he chews the lids off also like has been said boxes wooden toys to chew .We have a game of catch with a ball he throws hmm i fetch some how think thats the wrong way round rofl or a game il get your beeky haha .

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  6. Kendra

    Kendra Regular Member

    Dusky is an African grey who is 20 this year. Until he came to me at 18 years he had never played with toys, he still is not a big player but what he seem to like is having me running around, as in give him a toy, he throws it. You pick up the toys and he throws it again. If he slams the toy down or hard onto the floor, it means he either has had enough or he does not wish to play. His favourite game at the moment is a plastic bowl full of small plastic containers, he throws them all over the room and you have to collect them and put them back in the bowl, and on and on and on, always out of his cage.

    He does not like me so any games have to be with a distance, but your little man knows you better and for longer so once you can find a couple of games things may improve quicker.

    How about target training? Others have had great success with this and Roz is the expert.
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  7. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hi Mikaela :welcome: from me and my flock.
    Good ideas there. Can we have a photo of him and his name, we do love photos :biggrin:
  8. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered

    I'm sure scooby loves playing it the wrong way around!
    Now I think of it Toby has like bottles before... he likes to try and stand on them So might keep a couple in his toy box thanks
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  9. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered

    This is Toby ☺️
    (Think I've attached photo )
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  10. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    Your more than welcome Mikaela its only been a week or two now but Scooby glares at you till he gets his bottle haha

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  11. Shirley

    Shirley Regular Member

    Aww what a cutie absolute cutie Mikaela he stands so proud

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  12. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered

    Hi Thanks for the reply. They all sound like games Toby would enjoy ☺️
    Never heard of target training so will look into this thanks
  13. DizzyBlue

    DizzyBlue Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Hi and welcome from me and my gang :)
  14. Roz

    Roz Regular Member

    :welcome: Mikaela! Toby is gorgeous! So many brilliant suggestions already! I'm taking a clue from "I've never felt we've been the best of friends". In that case like Kendra I would suggest target training too! It opens up a whole different way to communicate with an animal. Would Toby take treats from you? If so you can use treats to reinforce each tiny step or approximation towards touching a target. So the first step would be to make sure Toby is comfortable around a target you choose. I use a wooden chopstick and have taught everybirdie here to target the tip of it. But the target could be anything... even a toy. When Toby shows relaxed body language around the target you can start shaping the behaviours towards touching the target. It might go something like this:

    Toby looks at target. "Good!" Treat
    Toby turns head towards target. "Good!" Treat
    Toby turns body towards target. "Good!" Treat
    Toby takes half a step towards target. "Good!" Treat
    Toby takes one step towards target. "Good!" Treat
    Toby reaches towards target. "Good!" Treat
    Toby touches target with beak. "Good!" Big treat!

    When he's touching the target successfully you can try holding the target a little further away so he has to move more steps to touch it. There's so much you can use target training for. Much later you could teach him to turn a circle by following the target and then fading the target out. Ollie loves turning circles on cue for a piece of cashew nut. Or you could get Toby to target at the other end of the cage whilst you slot in a food bowl (useful if a bird is cage aggressive).

    The great thing about training is that you also get paired with good things like the treats and the fun time. So Toby will begin to look forward to your presence. Even if you choose not to target train etc. keep pairing yourself with good things for Toby like treats and favourite toys etc.
  15. Mikaela

    Mikaela Registered

    Hi Roz
    I've never heard of this so will defiantly be giving it ago, I've tried tricks before but he gets bored easily of the same thing so this sounds different and enchoraging He loves sunflower seeds and peanuts as treats and has no problem taking them from me
    I'll let you no how it goes Thank you