Parent Reared Or Hand Reared

Lauren Smith

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I know everyone has their own opinions over hand reared or parent reared but this is not a debate if its wrong or not but the difference in the birds.
I am getting a young bird but am wondering the titular question.
the questions I want answered are
Are young parent rears really that easy to tame or is that false info?
Do both bond with a human (play, come to and not hate the site of) and stay bonded?
Are hand rear neurotic?
Can you tame a young parent rear easily or is hand rear the only way to go? (if yes to parent rear how young for a lovebird before it becomes difficult)?
Is the temper different?


You get good and not so good results from both situations..... it really depends on the breeder and what they do.
Fully parent reared ...yes they know they are birds, but it really depends on how much human interaction they have had, whether they have been handled and how much, socialised with humans, etc.

If totally hand reared, again what sort are of environment, how much socialisation with other birds, humans, etc. If only being hand fed and not interacted with, then they aren’t going to be any more tame than parent reared.

My Amazon was parent reared for the first eight weeks, the. Transferred from the aviary with his sibling, to be fed and socialised by the breeder.

It’s more a case of understanding the breeders set up, rather than teaching a label that says hand reared or parent reared. And differences in behaviour can vary from breed to breed. A parent reared, aviary grey, with little human interaction isn’t going to turn into a cuddly overnight.
I have two handreared, one I rescued when he was 18 months old who was very frightened, wouldn't leave cage etc
He is the tamest of my two, the one I would trust to let other people hold, he's outgoing, even friendly with strangers, he loves a cuddle and a scritch.

My other handreared who I've had since 19 weeks old won't step up if you ask her to, she panics and freaks out, never been any good at that, she was always used to being picked up by being grabbed and if you try that now she will scream and bite.
She comes over and climbs allover me, gently bites my hand to wrestle a bit, she will not accept scritches at all under no circumstances she has never liked them from day one.

Honestly you never know what you're going to get but I've had lovely baby budgies from the petshop that's probably come from an aviary.
I dont know what to tell you, you will never ever guarantee what kind of bird you'll end up with, they bite, they all have likes and dislikes no matter who raised them.

I went through several months of my handreared male (who previously adored me) attacking me constantly, I had to let him out for play time and then sit under a blanket with hands and arms hidden away or they would be bitten. Hormonal and angry he was with me, I had to get my mam to transport him into his sleep cage at night. I wasn't sure if that was ever going to end, they are very unpredictable and he kept that up for a long time.

I dont know what age a lovebird would be before it becomes too 'difficult' to tame but please don't get one if you are not prepared for all that is mentioned above; won't step up, doesn't like scritches, months of hormonal vicious behaviour.

Sorry it was a long post!

Oli Fry

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I'd go for parent reared every time as the bird is more likely to have its own identity and is less likely to become over-bonded to you. It will still need lots of attention and company though. I used to breed lovebirds and they were easily tamed if you start when they are very young, still with black beak markings. It's much kinder to keep them in pairs though.

Michael Reynolds

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Parent reared I think is best although having human contact from a young age will help when it comes to the bird adapting and trusting humans, The Senegal parrot is find needs human contact from a young age to accept us,


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We have co-parented caique, she is very tame from day one, loves visitors and all creatures in general, except for the budgies, she would kill them if she could. I've came across many people (especially on the czech bird forums) having their caiques parent reared and no problems with taming them. Our tame budgie is parent reared, handled from very young age, I think I would look for that with a lovebird.


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I bought several parent reared caiques, and they do ( eventually) settle down. IE I can walk into the room and not be greeted with panicked alarm calls, lol. They will take food from my hands and even step up.

So on that point hand - reared birds are better. If you then let your handreared birds play with other birds ( a flock situation) than you lose the risk of them being too humanised. They know they are birds. I have several like this

But Later, when its breeding time, the handreared bird has no experience of how to be a mother, and only a rough idea of what to do with chicks. That's the VERY FRUSTRATING price you pay
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