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Palm Fruit

Discussion in 'Food And Diet' started by CaptainHowdy, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. CaptainHowdy

    CaptainHowdy Regular Member

    Weird question time lol.

    To those who feed the palm fruit as is do any of your guys eat the nut inside it?

    I've never had a parrot bother they just strip the flesh off and then drop it to be pooped on and ignored but Kiki has had 3 so far and has got to the nut in 2 of those and started eating it. Have I just got a really weird Zon? Lol
  2. Paulmk

    Paulmk Regular Member Registered

    All 3 of mine hate palm fruit with a passion.
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  3. CaptainHowdy

    CaptainHowdy Regular Member

    Mine all love it just never known them to eat the nut inside before. She's a weird one lol.
  4. Graham

    Graham Regular Member

    I have 5 pairs of African grey parrots
    2 pairs just don't touch them
    2 pairs just strip the the nut and eat it
    1 pair do the same and and crack the nut open and eat it
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  5. Parrot797

    Parrot797 Regular Member

    It takes a long time for some birds to eat the nut inside,however the outside flesh gives them the Calcium and Vitamin A that many species require.Many of my species do take all of the nut now if they can break into it.Once one bird learns it can teach the others how to do it.
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