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This is our Alfie a few years ago. Our vet is an avian vet, he advised us to go to a place who specialises in exotics but weren't impressed, mainly reptiles! The owner actually has parrots and doesn't use UV lighting or heat. The trouble is with the vet I'm really not one for going out and leaving heat sources on, just how I am, I don't mind lighting though. I definitely will get the UV lamp, I'll be ordering one today. I do feel, although he's poorly, he'd be worse off with the heat because I'd only have it on when I'm there, so he's going to get warm then cool, then warm then cool, so I think he'd be worse off. Also at night he's covered so there wouldn't be a heat lamp on anyway. Thank you for all the comments though, I'll let you know how the "poo" tests are, when we get results.


Michael Reynolds

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A bird lamp is not there to create heat but to replace the good rays of the sun that get blocked by the window. it helps with the birds vitamin D level. they are different to the lights that are used for reptiles. Humans and most animals need sunlight and lacking the benefit of being out side can cause a low vitamin D. you should only use lamps that are designed for the avian family. they help a birds sight as well as it allows them to see a larger spectrum of light that includes ultra violet sight


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You have to place it so that he can move away from it when he wants to. Yes at night he would be covered so would not have it on. Lets see what others think.
. . . and directly over head not at a slant, or sideways on as this can damage their eyes. Have heard that it only needs to be on 3/4 hours a day?


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Alfie is gorgeous. You do leave the central heating on don't you when you go out? Personally I am happy to leave an oil filled heater on low when out. My oil filled radiator next to Chico is on low 24/7. Fingers crossed for the poo tests.
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