Omg there’s so much I’m learning...


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I did smile at your post @Keibra we all learn as we go along and still are too.
Best to get into a routine, well it was for me when I had so many but now down to 4 these days.


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Just don’t panic and go day by day and enjoy it
(and as I’m fairly new and always panic and worry, I can say this from experience)

just enjoy it and learn as you go, don’t try to learn everything straight away concentrate on a single thing, then move on when you want to.

the wise words from people here “it’s a marathon not a sprint” you have plenty of time.


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I feel like I need to post: have 2 birds... tell me how to do everything! Lol food, cleaning, training, my heads spinning lol can I not just get One of you to come live with me for a bit? 😂
Do you use youtube often ? I recommend Elle and Birds, bird tricks and marlene mchoen.
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