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So does Ollie live outside, inside or a little bit of both? We have an enclosure for our now one remaining hen (😔) and as she is getting on I don’t suppose she will be needing it for many more years... wondering whether I could adapt for Eddie to have some time out? Guess main concerns would be whether she would come back to me and also getting ill from wild birds?
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Thanks everyone!

Ollie lives indoors. It was just mild out so he went out just long enough to get sprayed... saved mopping the floor!! The aviary is attached to the house, so all I have to do is open the doors of the sitting room/bird room. Ollie spends a lot of time in the aviary during the day in the summer months. I feel it is too cold for him in the winter as he is used to living indoors.

Of course they adapt, but I would do it gradually starting when the weather warms up. If Eddie is elderly, she might feel the cold more especially if she is arthritic too. Time in the aviary when it is warm would surely be a great idea. Have you tried her in the aviary yet? Some birds that are used to the indoors are not happy in an aviary - Kobe (Pionus) is terrified and won't go in unless on my shoulder. He's scared of the wild birds. So I don't push it. I believe Ollie used to be an aviary bird which is why he is happy outside. I notice though that he chooses to come inside when it gets too cold. :)
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