Nutriberrie as a sole diet ?


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Hi all

Do any of you feed nutriberrie as a main food ?
Just researching and they seem to be a good option (obviously if taken) topped with fresh veg/fruit daily.

Does look pricey but if they get all they need from it, then I’m more than happy.

(Again this is preparation and theory/research for the moment, if/when a bird comes along, I just want to be prepared as possible, I also know what they are on may take some time to drift across to another type)


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I don't think they are meant to be fed as a main food, I view them as more as a treat. Mine don't like them so I do not buy them now. I am sure others members will advise on this.

Michael Reynolds

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Nutrition value, I would only put a bird on a high nutrition feed or use vitamins on avian vet advice, give a good balanced diet plus I give a sprinkle of calcium


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Thank you all, so annoying when they call it “complete food” I’ve emailed them and shops and both have said “yes complete feed as sole food in conjunction with fresh”
Hun some pellet providers will also say complete food and this is wrong. It takes a good while of reading and researching to be a 'clued' parrot companion. Rule of thumb 'if bad for us, then more than bad for them'. Keep things/foods as natural as is possible. Even this has it's issues but they certainly do not need additional for sure. :)
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