Nova 2 cage assembly instructions



I have got a new Nova 2 birdcage, bt no instructions - does anyone have a copy they can send me a photo of?

Thank you,
Cage is by Sky Pet Products. Although the company is trade only they are usually really good to deal with and will help if they can try ringing them and asking if they can email you a copy.

One giant one by taking out the centre divider.
Otherwise I think the answer is maybe into the nova 1 that they no longer make
You would have to work out using only the panels with two wheels! And if an end panel has the bolts drilled in the exact place for it to assume the position of the centre sectors!
So in the figure of the number of panels you would need the panels you would need the second panel drawn of front panels the second panel of the back panels (both have two wheels. .....
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