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Nigel my friend you will be missed by many that got to know you, your humor was often so cheering us all up first thing in the morning. every time I see one of these rotary clothes lines I think of your Christmas decorations having wine bottles hanging from yours. although we spoke a few times on the phone I never got to meet you, but you will stay in our memories as such a valid member and one that helped make this site what it is today. Rest in peace my friend, my thoughts are with the many family and friends you have left behind. now you can enjoy a few :beer-toast1::copas::copas:again along with a nice curry.


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Another loss :( very sad news :(
I’m a member for just a few years now but I would always read his morning story every day. Both Nigel and Jude are missed. From Nigel’s posts I had figured that at Nigels town the winds are a common thing...use them now and Fly high Nigel


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That's sad to hear. I was just wondering how he was the other day, as I hadn't seen him around for so long or heard anything about him. I knew he'd gone into some kind of residential care and didn't seem able/willing to post himself any more, but I hadn't seen updates from anyone else for a while either.

Rest in peace Nigel.
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