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Hi all, so heres the situation.. my son is extremley poorly devastatingly weve been given a year tops and was advised to make every day a unforgettable amazing memory which is my exact intentions..the one thing id love more then all memories is to make my little boys wondeeful wish become see he doesnt fancy flying, not one for becoming invisable and definately not wanting to hang around with spiderman and gang...oh no this little fella wants a parrot that talks.. can you believe that his once in a lifetime dream..thats just i in all honesty am at loss im unemployed due to coming out of work as a dental nurse of 16 yrs to care for my boy.financially im struggling so unable to afford alot i saw a postbon fb for adoping and rehoming after i posted a status i had mote requests and more comments then ive had since joining exaggeration..excellent o eventually agteed with one lady just pay shipping dirat installment due that day £250 followed by £200;on arrival of the bird..stupidly and too excited to take think it over i went ajeaf and paid (actual taken a £500 loan specifically for the parrot situation) so what a total gullible stupid girl i am..that will teach me.. im now worsr off then when i starrted could anyone pls help me with pointers for tevomendations of macaws or african greys for sale ptefrrably on the little cheaper side ans preferably delivered as i dont drive

Much appreciation
Thanks everyone xx

Feathered Janique

I have two suggestions

1.maybe adopt a big bird, it is easy to find a big bird that is healthy and young, remember big birds live a long time, so even if it's ten years old, it's still super Young. But this deos not make the supplies for a big bird cheap

2. Instead of getting a macaw or African grey, get a parrotlet!! They are like literally a big bird in a small body 😂. So imagine a macaw shrink down and with different feathers. Also makes smaller poops and requires not as expensive toys, a d not as huge cage.

I think you need to know that the supplies for a big bird cost I think almost as much as the bird. They need huge toys that can cost three times more than toys for small birds, and they need a HUGE cage, that can cost ALOT!
Hope your son gets a bird, they are totally worth it


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Hello! 🙂
So very sorry to hear about your boy and wish you both all the best.

I have an african grey and a parrotlet, my parrotlet is the sassiest little monster but she does not talk. Also with any bird there is no guarantee that the bird will talk.

My CAG was bought when he was 5 months old and he is the light of my life, however he is so demanding, has a big attitude and take so much work. Not to put you off any kind of bird but want to give a bit of reality on owning a grey. (I only have one and feel like pulling my hair out sometimes, some other wonderful members have more!)

Firstly is his upkeep, bo gets toys every 2 weeks and we keep all the good pieces of his damaged toys to build our own toys in between. He loves to chew and destroy, and he does not care if he is destroying our house or his toys, anything he can chew he will and this is just his nature.
I think i spend on average for both birds around £100 a month on toys which when i think about it, is ridiculous!

Feeding, he is on harrisons pellets and fresh fruit and veggies daily. He is a nightmare and some days won’t touch any veggie unless it is steamed and then some days he will act like a possessed demon if his food is soft and you would think id tried to poison him.

He comes out of his cage any time we are home, and we are very fortunate that our boy loves training and engages well with us. He is demanding, his mind needs to be occupied all day and if he is bored he gets destructive.
He has foraging toys to engage his mind, which he chooses to figure out how to undo the toys rather than get the treats out of them because destroying is more fun than eating!

He has a big bite; he has never bitten us aggressively and i dread the day he does. He sometimes plays too rough and nips us by mistake and i have had bruises and cuts from him.
Our boy loves us and thinks of us as his family so he doesn’t mean to hurt us, if a bird doesn’t know you and you are going through the training phase these bites may be bigger and hurt both you and your son.

Not to add the long long process of building trust and building a bond, my grey lets a handful of people touch him and we are working all the time to help him understand he can go to other people who aren’t me my boyfriend or family.
The trust process can be super slow and frustrating as more often than not you take two steps forward and 10 steps back, which a lot of people are disheartened by.

One more thing is there is no guarantee any bird will talk, my boy never stops talking and if he is silent i am super suspicious but my dads friend owns a grey too who says a handful of words every now and again.

I have found owning my grey is the most time consuming, demanding and frustrating thing i have ever done. But I could not imagine my life without him.
His cuddly little face and how he loves a cuddle and kisses before bed, make all the hard points of been blessed to have this boy in my house worth it.
And by no means am i trying to push negative because there are so many positive points of owning a bird, a lot of people don’t see the negatives and it’s great you are asking for some advice on owning a larger bird.

Other members have rescued and do brilliant jobs with birds and will be able to offer you so much more, i hope everything works out and you find the perfect bird x


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yes as above, a Grey, assuming its comes with cage and such, so we'll ignore the financial side of buying the bird and then cage and perches.

just keeping him with prob cast in the region of £10-15 per week in basic food and veg, toys and such possibly another £20-30 a month. ()obviously you can skimp on these things, but your just skipping on his life style, you can spend time making your own stuff, which will be cheaper, if you have time)

and then no guarantees he will be friendly and talk instantly, takes time for them to settle and show their true nature.

then its likely you may have 20/30 years with him.

So although a dream, what's happens after with eh poor bird ?

Maybe another option would be to find somewhere he can go on a regular basis, a sanctuary or rescue or local bird place ?

Where do you live ?
Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your obviously very difficult situation. A hard question for me to ask is whether YOU want a parrot, because ultimately these are full time 'pets' that will can be around for decades. They aren't guaranteed to talk, nor are they guaranteed to like you and can inflict quite serious wounds. Plus they are expensive to keep. So I'm just concerned that in your obviously understandable desire to give your son the best possible, you're only seeing the 'rosy' side of things regarding a talking bird. In my honest opinion, it may be best to take your son to a sanctuary or zoo that maybe offers hands on experience with trained birds.

As had been mentioned, there are threads on this forum that discuss what it's really like, and to get a bird is a huge responsibility that shouldn't be decided on a whim (ENTIRELY the wrong word in your situation, I apologise, but I hope you understand what I mean to say).

Wendy Cooper-Wolfe

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Oooh, sorry to hear about your son and that's rotten that you fell for a rotten scam.
It's good that you're doing your research and that you have found this site.
People on this forum are really helpful and there is a lot of information on the various threads......have a long read🙂
No doubt someone else will soon be along with more suggestions. We are all servants, all committed to our wonderful birds, and enjoy huge pleasure from their company. They are intelligent, beautiful and can be very loving.

BUT you also need to be aware that
• Parrots of any size are loud, messy, naughty and need bags of attention, love, patience and they like their routines.
• They cost a lot to run, in terms of time, energy and money.....and live for a long time.
• It can take ages to train a young bird and some will not want to be trained. (they're stubborn too)
• there are a lot of household cleaning products, perfumed products, candles etc that shouldn't be used near a parrot.
• they sometimes bond with one person and you can't tell who it will be.
• not all parrots talk, and if you found a pre- loved parrot that does talk it might have an "interesting" vocabulary!
• many adult parrots that are sold on, or come from a rescue centre may be traumatised and may have behavioural problems....

I look forward to hearing how you get on.


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I am so very sorry to hear about your young son also that you fell for a terrible scammer. You should report that to FB and to the police ask them to investigate, how did yu pay - vai credit card/bankers draft? Either way those details of how you paid may be a help to those investigating to recover your money.
Many good points have been made above re having a parrot and one that talks.
Not all parrots talk that's for sure, many bite hard and so on, no point me repeating what has been said.
You may do best to research Bird Gardens etc in your area and arrange - if you can - a visit to those with your son. If you can find one you and your son are comfortable visiting maybe they will offer a reduction or even free entry on compassionate grounds, you don't know until you ask.
Do keep us up to date and lets see what @DizzyBlue may be able to advise.
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Your from Hull? I live local east side of Hull village.

East Park slap bang in the middle of Hull have a wonderful animal area that is free to enter with not only cockatoos but also African Grey's think there are a couple of macaws there as well plus a brilliant huge walk through aviary complete with waterfall and bridge with the birds free flying around your head

West Park also in Hull have large outdoor aviaries but you can't go inside some nice parrots free to enter.

Sowerby Hall Bird Garden near Bridlington is great and one of our members Andrew has his amazons now living there @Zooamazons not sure what the entrance free is though.

Also near Bridlington is the bird of prey bird centre not been to that one myself though.
There is also Filey bird garden which is very small and limited but pleasant. I went there for one of my birthdays (think it was my 48th?!?)
Near Leeds is a large place called Lotherton Hall limited parrots but still good.
Harwood House lovely bird garden lots of birds especially parrots.
Also national bird of prey centre at Helmsley lots of birds of prey brilliant free flying displays (free to watch as many as you like when you pay entry)

think I have been to nearly all the bird places here abouts

As much as your son wants a talking bird parrots are by no means easy to look after and there's no guarantee it's going to like you so getting bitten and screamed at is a very real possibility. Looking after them is expensive the only bird vet in this area is Battleflatts at Stamford bridge near York regardless of what you read in the internet.

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first of all Hello and welcome, so sorry to hear about your son, lets wish that he will be happy and that his dream will come true. love the idea of visiting zoo or bird sanctuaries and with luck you will both benefit from the experience and make your minds forget about the problems for a while.


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Had another thought
Have you spoken the Hull Candlelighters Charity or the Make A Wish Foundation?
They not only offer excellent support but also try their very best to make dreams come true for children in this kind of situation.


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Hello Sophie. Very sorry about your awful situation. I think visiting parrots is a good idea, and as DizzyBlue says you can see them at both East and West Parks. Regarding other places, Sewerby Hall & Gardens, and Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park are easily accessible by public transport as is the Jungle Zoo at Cleethorpes in the opposite direction (some of its parrots recently went to Filey, but it still has several). It is far smaller than the other places though. Entry to Sewerby is currently discounted due to Covid, but will return to normal if restrictions are lifted. The most popular parrot there is Eckie the talking Eclectus Parrot who loves to ask "What you on abaht?" in a broad Yorkshire accent, otherwise there are not many large parrots but there are conures and parakeets (not that conures aren't parakeets!). I have been a regular visitor to Filey (well over 100 visits) since it opened in 2008 and it has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years; it has macaws, Amazons, African Greys plus lots of lovebirds and parakeets. I haven't been to Bridlington Animal Park, the former birds of prey centre, under its current ownership, but it has branched out into zebras and camels etc although I believe it has some parrots and has bred macaws.
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