Newbie with 2 parrots


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I have Bella who is my female grey 6 months old and just now I got another parrot that seems a male and is 4.5 months old.
now i need some guidelines please from the parrot experts please:-
1. should i keep them in the same cage.
2. is it correct that if i keep them together, they will not learn to speak as they will have each other to talk to and they wont imitate me or my family members.

3. how do i train my parrot to speak? i am in office from 9 to 5 and the little time that i get, i dont think i can do justice to it by speaking to her for only 30 minutes to one hour.

4. when she is on my shoulder, she pulls my hair strand wise... is there any way i can stop the 6 month old from doing this?

5. also, how do i train the parrots to play with the small basketball?

6. i need some training video resources please.

i know this is a big list of questions but i am new and i really want to be helped please.

regards :)


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Hi, I am sure those who keep cockatiels will be on here to give you advice.
Many of our parrots restyle our hair for us - they are preening.
Lets also ask @Roz what she thinks.


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I have a grey who is almost 11 months old and we got him at 5 and a half months old.
He has pulled my hair from the start, i don't think he means to do it rough like Diana said he is preening. My grey also thinks it's a game so if he is on his cage and im cleaning he loves trying to pull my hair out of my bobble if my hair is up haha!
My parrotlet also pulls my hair and often if my hair is down she will find a way to wrap herself in my hair to groom as much as possible 😂
I personally don't mind this, however it can sometimes be rough so when they do things too rough i just move my hair away from them, it sometimes works ha!

In relation to training ive started with essential stuff such as touching wings and feet, however Bo can pick up a circle if we ask him for one. I'm not too focused on tricks right now, he's very young and im currently more concerned about continuing socialising him with others and training him to allow us to touch parts of his body.. so unfortunatley not the best for advice on this one.

Talking wise, Bo has spoken since we brought him home.. a quiet two weeks with small whistles turned into non stop talking whilsting and making noise.
I talk to him whenever im in the house/room and always greet him when entering, say goodbye when leaving etc. He has started to put words into context, so when he gets woken up will say 'good morning' over and over again, i have always spoken to both birds though and talking wasn't a big thing for me. Just always loved african greys as a whole so the talking is just a small bonus to my beautiful boy!
If im out of the house the radio goes on, if we are in and not in the room (and he can't go with us, e.g. outside) he has the TV on so always has sound around him.

What second parrot did you get? I have a grey and a parrotlet and both are very different size wise, however are in separate cages 😁

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1. how well do they get on and how big is your cage.
2. if one learns a word then often it will teach the other
3. there are a few training videos on you tube just saying a few words repeating over and over, you can play them when you are out and carry on the yourself with training when you are home
4. Not much apart from keeping her off your shoulder
5. not tried to teach this with a grey although I have three birds that can play basket ball it is an advance training what stage of training is your birds at?
6 there are lots of trick training videos on birds on you tube that can help, just have to search for them.


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Chorley loves to remove my hair ties, he then goes and sits for hours chewing at them. Yes, I do watch him carefully as I think they are not safe, wish I could find one that would be.


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I have two of my flock trained to play basket ball, it is an advance training trick, what can they do at the moment?
That’s the thing, I want training materials/ videos, resources where I can learn. As I said I just started off. I need help from you all please.
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