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I'm looking at getting some new toys for my birdys what are the best or does anyone know any websites or ideas for making them thanks x


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I use scarletts parrot essentials for everything. Or nothern parrots if something takes my fancy. Make sure if your looking for henry you get some good strong toys for that beak of his they have a drop down menu anyway for eclectus i think make your life abit easier so you will no the perches toys etc suitable for him.


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Hello! I also use scarlett parrots. If i ever struggle with what to get for my parrotlet i buy the surprise toy bundle where you get a selection of toys for the price you select. I do this to change up her style of toys because she will play with anything!

For my grey i select my own toys but found scarletts is the best for me, her prices are brilliant and the toys are great quality 🙂


You are not alone! My parrotlet Trudy hardly ever looks at her toys either. Some birds are just not into them. After spending lots of money on toys she wanted nothing to do with, I finally figured out she only likes things she can climb and swing on. Now she has lots of swings, ladders and ropes to enjoy when she is not being a couch potato. Also, you may try getting some shredabble bird toys!
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