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Hi all I bought a derbyan parrot 3 weeks ago he seems to be progressing well, I can feed him out of my hand inside the cage I’m just looking for some tips on how to progress on to getting him on to my hand and eventually getting him out of the cage


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Hi and welcome.
Derbyans are such lovely birds, can we have a photo of him please and his name as we love photos.
Let's link in a few folk who may be able to advise @Michael Reynolds @Roz and there is a member with a Derbyan but I cannot remember who it is, but anyone else please advise.


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you might want to have a read of the step up thread



You have definitely chosen a really nice bird BUT you're in for the long run. I have had my little one for a few months now (I think) and she is only no really "comfortable" going onto my hand, even then she soft bites a little so isn't too comfortable and hates my right hand for some reason. I would strongly advise searching "BirdTricks" on YouTube, they helped me a lot actually. Other than that good luck, message me if you have any questions and I'll try to answer, I am new myself aha

EDIT: I have her out every day and work with her every day, I use sunflower seeds and millet as treats


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:welcome: Kurtis! That's great your Derbyan is already taking treats/food from your hands! Have you worked out what his absolute favourite treats are? There are a few things you can do. First do have a read of this thread so that you understand how reinforcers work:

I'd suggest using his favourite treat to shape his stepping up either onto your hand or a hand held perch which is explained in this thread:

Or you could try to lure him onto your hand by holding the treat within reach at first, then moving it further and further up your arm. Some birds can have a phobia about hands so if that isn't working try with a hand held perch. Choose one that it similar to a perch in size and colour already in his cage so that you don't have to spend so long desensitizing him to it.

As for letting him out. You can do that without even touching him. Just open the cage door and give him the choice of coming out himself when ready. Maybe think about attaching a short perch on the door so that when the door swings open it becomes an outside perch. Or attach some perches to the outside of the cage near the door. Think about where he can hang out when out of the cage. Can he fly? I have spring swings and other hanging playgyms suspended from the ceiling so that the birds have a place that they can fly to.

If you try opening the cage door an hour or so before breakfast, and he knows when roughly to expect breakfast, he should take himself back in when you slot the food bowl in. This worked beautifully with my then untame Amazon, Ollie. I never had to touch him. When he goes in to eat, you can make stepping back inside the cage highly reinforcing by not only having the food bowl waiting, but also an extra favourite treat. Be sure to shut the cage door slowly whilst he's eating so that it is paired with a good experience and the whole procedure is more likely to go without a hitch the next time.

What's your Derbyan's name?
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