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Hi new member here thanks for letting me join.We have an African grey parrot called Wilson aged fifteen years which was recently re homed with us in April.He was living with my daughter and her boyfriend and his mum before this but they asked us if we would like to look after him as they are out a lot and he wasn’t getting a lot of attention which he’s getting a lot of now as he’s in the same room as the rest of the family.He loves his paper shredding toy and wood and cardboard shredding toys the most.We need to redecorate the room he’s in wooden skirting and doors and I was just wondering if it’s safe to use the Johnstone’s satin one coat wood paint if he’s in the same room or would we need to move his cage out of the room in case of any odours or can anyone recommend anything similar to use. Thank you


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I use water based paints only can't say I painted my skirting boards I varnished them then after they dried and aired had them fitted (reverse order).
When I am decorating I am uber careful with paints my birds are taken to another part of the house for a couple of days and I have windows wide open and air the place thoroughly during painting and whilst drying and have the air purifiers going at full tilt. The best advice I can give is for you to contact the manufacturer tell them that as birds are supersensitive to odours that humans/dogs/cats are not for their advice and also ask what is in their paint so you can determine the impact of fumes and then you can go from there.
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