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I am Tracy and I have an Umbrella Cockatoo called Ollie. Ollie came to me as a 2yr old hand reared surgically sexed male. Indeed. You can imagine my surprise the day he decided to lay me an egg.
Ollie and i have the best relationship and she is always out with me when i am at home. Ollie likes to take part in whatever activity i am doing, including chasing the hoover round the bedroom. She takes a shower with me and absolutely adores my feet, which is bizarre because she doesn't have the best relationship with her own. Ive had Ollie for over 30 years and she never fails to keep me amused with her antics.


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:welcome: Tracy and Ollie. Lol yes that does happen known to be male parrots have laid eggs so obviously their test results were perhaps 'dodgy'. Lovely that she's been with you for over 30 years, they definitely become part of the family.

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