New kakariki owner - Cracker. Advice welcome

My opinion:
If Cracker is male, it is possible a female would be very popular indeed. They might not gel but if they aren't hostile to each other, they will bond as a pair.
From my experience with my female kak, Chocobo, the breeding instinct is very strong and as long as the two got on OK, you will have fertile eggs on your hands. Kaks aren't like budgies where you can steer them away from breeding. The only way I can think of to prevent breeding is to physically separate them, in which case, why get another kak? Again, in my opinion

If Cracker is female, the odds are the two girls will tolerate each other well as long as there's no scarcity of resources as already detailed.

More pics of Cracker will be most welcome and may help solidify the opinion as to his gender.
Thank you so much 🥰

I rang the pet shop and they confirmed Cracker is male. As long as he is not lonely being a solitary bird, I am not sure I'd cope with breeding them.

It's been so wonderful sitting in the room with him free flying today. He is such a cutie and getting more courageous by the hour. He landed on my head about 5 times in a few hours 🥰

I'm going to make the room Cracker friendly attaching apple branches to the ceiling and walls so he has lots of landing spots. Any suggestions are very welcome, thank you x
If Cracker gets the full range of interaction and socialisation from you, he might very well be a happy singleton birb.
Getting another species, say a cockatiel, as a companion might work (of course, it might not!) If they become firm friends though, you will likely lose some of your current closeness.

My Chocobo has lots of budgies for companionship and tolerates them very well but she prefers time on her own and with me. We've become quite close over the course of two or three years 🥰
I've only had him a few days, but had a horrible nightmare Cracker died last night. My heart was so sad. This morning I was so pleased to wake up to my little boy, I love him so much❤️🦜
I just realised its ressurection day easter sunday... how fitting... people celebrate Jesus raised from the grave today that I woke to my heart so pleased Cracker was also not dead. Happy Easter peeps xx
Anxiety dreams like that are awful.

My recurrent ones, where I see my birds playing in the back garden, are bad enough and they wake me in a cold sweat.
I am surprised how much I love him so quickly. He is such a little personality. Trying to get him into his cage after stretching his wings for a few hours yesterday I put a cane up to him which he stepped onto, but as soon as I get to the door he flys off in any direction. I think he knows what I want and is playing a game with me because when I sat down and looked away from him, he climbed in by himself as though 'ok game over' 🤣
Cracker is getting on ok 🥰🦜
I got him some new branch perches and a hanging rope swing so it's set up a more interesting room for him to fly around. He loves to chat with me and has been taking himself back off to his cage for snacks after he's stretched his wings.
I havent managed to get him on my hand again since that first day, but he still lands on my head. It will take time.
I reeeally want him to talk, so keep repeating the same things to him.


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I am looking into upgrading his current cage. I have been offered a corner cage which will fit the alcove he is currently in. I've attached the measurements, but will it be enough room for him and maybe a friend, or shall I get a rectangle one? I hate the idea he will feel inprisoned or confined


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