New Avi Fabs Double Divided Cage

Finally the double divided cage arrived from avi fabs!
Its perfect, exactly what I designed, it has a thick clear acrylic sheet as a divider in the middle that I can easily remove, its so clear you cant even see its there, its as if they're sharing a cage haha

Phoebe loves it and went straight in first (shes normally the softy that copies Archie)
But Archie was a lot more hesitant and not that keen on it really, he loved his other cage when I got it for him and he moved from his smaller one, but this one is taking a bit more getting used to.

The last pic isnt finished yet, ive added some more toys and their hammocks etc, it hasnt even got their food and water bowls in that pic, but I fixed them onto the door so its easy to remove them when I open itIMAG1627-3504x2628.jpg IMAG1628-3504x2628.jpg IMAG1629-2336x1752.jpg
I think they've got plenty of room each havent they? Thats something that worried me, whether id made each side big enough but now its here and they're inside I think its very roomy for them and theyve got lots of space and room for toys


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What a fabulous cage!! Had to scroll back to read it was an acrylic divider. Hopefully Archie will get used to it quickly. :)
Yep acrylic, much better than double meshed I think, no bitten toes or fighting through the bars, they interact with eachother and can see eachother clearly

They've got the sandwalk orthopedic perch running parallel to eachother and are both sat on that now playing with toys opposite eachother haha
Like I say you cant even see its there, looks like no divider in the photos and its the same in person, practically invisible


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I very much like that cage @Heather2131 and if I was to have one made for my two I could easily have the same with just one or two minor adjustments. I might have two bowels for food and water fixed for each bird so they can be fed from the outside. But you know your birds best and what suits them most. I hope Archie fully accepts the new cage soon.
They've got one croc lock bowl each and two stainless steel dishes each
I like the croc lock dishes but I seem to keep breaking them so I'll stick with the metal ones haha

Yh you can get swing feeders and pull out trays etc but I dont use them so didnt bother

Can also have different size doors, im pleased I went with the large door, really easy put perches and toys in and clean, the cage is quite deep and to reach the back ive had to have my shoulders inside haha


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Oooo like that :) very nice
Have been thinking I need to get another aviary … due to a population explosion of kakarikis! :risas3:
Hi @Heather2131 I was wondering how your little trouble makers are getting on with the new cage? We're looking at a couple of three large macaw cages from Avifabs, which are perfect for us, but me being the overthinker is wondering about them being in a square mesh cage all day as opposed to the 'usual' style ones! Anyone else got macaws/too's that are in a square mesh aviary/cage as their main residence? [emoji4]

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I was really put off by these cages for a couple of reasons
One being the "shiny metal" look rather than painted
And another the square mesh

However I really like the mesh and couldnt imagine having the long thick bars now, the visibility is good, the cage looks really smart. With the mesh for my size birds I am not able to attach rope perches but they have loads of tree branches anyways, yours may have a bigger mesh? So you might not have that problem (I'm talking about the plastic screw type, metal type would be fine)

I will be having a travel cage made by them when I get a quote back and im considering having the front of the travel cage made with clear acrylic for better visibility with it being smaller and easier to clean. The divider is clear acrylic and that is just fantastic as I can take it out and wash it, no risk of bitten toes between them either.

Hope that helps a little @MJGB - MikeJenGaryBeckyBoo but I really do like the mesh, I would choose that over bars since I've had and still have both types.

Are you worried about what it looks like? Or what it's like on their feet or how they feel inside it?
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