Need Parrot Training T-Stands

Samin Alakozay

Regular Member
Hi all

I have been looking for the past hour for 1 or 2 T shaped macaw training stand

ideally I’d want an adjustable one, my baby is unfortunately clipped so I would have her Glide to the other stand as she can’t fly

thanks in advance

Michael Reynolds

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Have you thought of making a stand? it will work out quite cheep, Buying a adjustable item like a duster or window pole then taking the ends off and wedging in some wood in to each end of the pole, one end you can screw a base (this can be just a flat square or round piece of ply wood) the top end screw in a wooden stick or perch. similar that my Jackie (green winged) Max Jackie and Keith.jpgis on in the photo( although this one was not meant for Macaws but made for smaller birds, It will give you an idea,
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