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My New Irn Is Terrified

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Skye Howard, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Roz

    Roz Regular Member

    You've only had him about a week haven't you? I absolutely see what Dizzy says about being locked in a cage can be a negative thing for a bird who enjoys freedom. It's a difficult one, but since you have to chase him to get him in each time, that is also a negative thing. You become an aversive (something the bird doesn't like, which I believe is hindering your relationship). Best case scenario would be for Jeremy to take himself back into his cage when he sees you slot the food bowls in. He has got to like/feel safe in his home for this to happen. He also has to get to know the food routine. Sooo.... I am going to say yes, keep him in his cage for a day and see what his response is like? Before you do this though fill that cage with his favourite toys and see if you can leave things he likes to eat around the cage in view. Make being inside that cage the best thing ever!

    What is happening now as I said above, you chasing him is making you the bad guy. What you should be doing now is pairing yourself with as many good experiences for him as possible - not bad experiences. So yes, sit by him and read to him, if he shows relaxed body language whilst you do this. If he's not relaxed, move a little further away until he is. Gradually over time, you can get closer and closer (always watching to see if his body language is relaxed). Have you noticed what his favourite foods are? Each time you pass his cage drop that favourite food into one of his food bowls. Or if he likes a slice of apple, gently wedge one through the bars of his cage. Pair your presence with his favourite foods.

    Monitor his behaviour all the time. Is he ok with being in his cage? Yes? Good. The next day again monitor his behaviour. I would prefer him to be in his cage until he knows the food routine and likes his cage enough to call it home. But if he's going stir crazy I would reassess the situation. Try all sorts of different toys. Chico adores his cotton ring and pinatas. Ollie loves finger traps, balsa wood, cactus wood, leather and the mirror he had when he first arrived here. Bobbie loves pinewood and now she's getting into palm strips, cactus wood etc. Kobe loves balsa wood and cactus wood and bells. With this info about each bird, I can then make toys that suit them. Simple ones - just stringing their favourite items on a leather strip with beads etc. If Jeremy isn't used to toys, start off with small, easily destroyed ones and hang them on the side of the cage where they are less likely to move than hanging from the middle. That's what I did with Ollie. Then gradually they got bigger and bigger and tougher to destroy and I began hanging them in different places.

    Keep monitoring his progress and revising what you are doing if need be. We are here to help.
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  2. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

    a tip... take the food out of his cage for half hour before you let him out. after he has had plenty of time enjoying himself and is looking tired let him see you put nice fresh food back in his cage.. he should be nicely hungry and keener to go back.
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  3. Skye Howard

    Skye Howard Regular Member Registered

    Thankyou guys so much I only try and get him when he’s been away from his cage for a very long time, a full 24 hours or if he can’t get himself back (his wings are growing back tbo I can tell from him flying about more), and When I do get him I always take a treat (peanut, cashew or an apple piece), he doesn’t take it from me when he back at his cage so I let him see me put it in his bowl, he has no problem with me sitting next to him and reading to him, so we have made a good improvement, and I KNOW he doesn’t like being in his cage so he hasn’t been locked in for days as I want him to be happy, he goes in and eats and drinks but other than that he likes to be out :)
    He LOVES sitting on my window bottom chirping away,
    I don’t have to get him a lot at most a hand full of times, just if he’s stuck or hasn’t been back to his cage for a LONG time. With his wings growing I’m hoping I won’t have to collect him as he will be able to make it back to his cage.
    I know he’s interested too especially when I’m eating as he makes the clicking noise he has learned from me that I mentioned before, so if it’s good for him I leave a little bit in his bowl :)
    I came to ask if anyone has any food suggestions as when I’m watching him eat he throws the majority of his food on the floor so I’m thinking he isn’t the biggest fan of it (it’s the food he came with).
    He only eats the sunflower seeds and the peanuts, everything else is abruptly thrown
    I think we’re definitely better than when he first got here as he isn’t terrified anymore, I don’t even think he’s scared he just doesn’t want me to touch him yet which is fine I understand I’m probably a little bit scary.
    If he goes in his cage I’ll try leave him in for a little while and give him extra treats while he is in and see what happens. I’ll let you guys know!
  4. Skye Howard

    Skye Howard Regular Member Registered

    I don’t think he is used to toys but I have got him alsorts! I haven’t seen him playing but I’ve watched him from my window when smoking and he has a good look around! I bought some cat balls with bells in too, all different sizes to entice him over, he is very interested in them
    I will take his food out like you guys suggested and put it in on a evening, hopefully this will encourage him!
  5. Skye Howard

    Skye Howard Regular Member Registered


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  6. Skye Howard

    Skye Howard Regular Member Registered

    Also he is taking a peanut that I place on the top of his cage quicker than he has been doing, he still moves away if i watch him so as I’m giving him treats im making a fuss initially then ignoring him while I sit next to his cage
  7. Skye Howard

    Skye Howard Regular Member Registered

    I know I sound like I don’t know what I’m on about but I had a parrot a few years ago However it was very cuddly, much different to Jeremy! So care of him I know allll about, it’s just him settling in I need help with and I’m really thankful for the help
  8. Roz

    Roz Regular Member

    Sounds like you are making progress! :biggrin: It will be so much better when his wings have grown in, as you said.

    He needs a fresh bowl as well as a dry bowl. If he is only eating sunflower seeds he is going to be deficient in a whole host of nutrients. Try giving him a bowl of chopped fruit and veggies too. Brightly coloured fruit and veg are best because of the beta carotene content. Things like carrot, sweet potato, squash (plus seeds), peppers, chillies, broccoli, kale, papaya, mango, berries, pomegranate, etc. Add apple and grapes as he might like those too.

    I put the fresh bowls in first thing. Then after an hour I'll slot in their dry bowls. This is so they are more likely to try the fresh when they are hungry. I never leave food in the cage overnight. That's how I used to get Ollie in when he was untouchable. I would let him out about an hour before breakfast and as soon as he saw me slot in his fresh bowl he'd fly back in.

    Sadly most toys are made of hard wood, so if he's not a cockatoo, he probably doesn't have the beak strength to chew them, especially if he's a baby. You can buy untreated pine from somewhere like B&Q, saw them into slats, drill a hole in the middle and string them up with beads. Or you can get pre-drilled pine and balsa slats from: https://www.naturalbirdco.co.uk/ourshop/cat_523266-Toy-Making-Parts.html I would start with a really soft wood like balsa to get him interested, then you can gradually introduce soft wood as he gets the hang of chewing.
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  9. Skye Howard

    Skye Howard Regular Member Registered

    Hi yeah I said before about when I have something to eat if it’s good for him I give him some too, I eat really healthy so he gets my veg and fruit haha! He’s just too cute when he’s not making his little squeak! But two different bowls is definately a good idea! And it’s a shame about the toys as the big ones are all hard wood, however he has 3 and a chew branch he will be able to get through considering, I’m saving some toys for later on so I can switch up his cage a little
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