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My Mr grey Bobbie

Discussion in 'Parrot Diaries' started by Marcia, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

    Started a new diary as I didn't actually realise I'd already started one lol

    So for those of you that already know and for those that don't. ..i am due to be a parrot parent to a beautiful male (we think. .bets are on) 10 year old African grey called Bobby

    He is moving here on 16th Nov

    Today I went and visited him for the second time and he was so sweet...started chatting as soon as he heard me so i said hello to him and his owner then told me that the other day she could hear someone saying hello...she thought it was the postman but it wasn't it was bobbie. ..when I said hello it clicked that he was copying me after just one visit. ..I'm guessing this is a very good sign

    Today he came and stood next to me at eye level and we chatted I was surprised he came so close .....and I got photos ..

    So excited now I love him already ...bought food today and some lovely toys ( he is already spoilt )

    View attachment 16608
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  2. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

  3. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

  4. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    What a handsome chap he is, such a lovely face.  I bet the 16th cannot come quick enough :biggrin:
  5. TomsMum

    TomsMum Administrator Staff Member Admin

    He is gorgeous xx
  6. Lisa7284

    Lisa7284 Regular Member Registered

    Very Handsome!
  7. pally

    pally caique whisperer Regular Member

    cool x
  8. Kasuku

    Kasuku Regular Member

    Aw Marcia, he's so gorgeous, just look at those mesmerising Grey eyes, stunning.  He looks very inquisitive and relaxed with you around :rose:

    Wow, only five more sleeps 'till Bobbie's home :animated-parrot-image-0025:


  9. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    Absolutely gorgeous, I bet you can't sleep from excitement. X
  10. charliebirdie

    charliebirdie Regular Member

    Ahhh he is lovely and probably excited to see you again if he is not getting enough attention where he is.They are doing the right thing finding him a new forever home where he will be happy, that is very important.
  11. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

    View attachment 16630 Not long now 3 more sleeps ....very excited and look what my clever fella made ...he's gonna love it 

    One of my dallies is very curious about this strange box 

    View attachment 16631
  12. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    Bobby looks beautiful and I bet you cant wait till the 16th. You must be ticking the hours off on your calendar.
  13. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

    I am...got everything ready ...at a wedding this weekend so will go quickly 
  14. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

    So this time tomorrow bobby will be home...so close now. ..I'm very excited  :rofl:
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  15. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    No sleep for you tonight then!!!!
  16. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    will not be long now and you be soon be a trained slave :thumbsup:
  17. charliebirdie

    charliebirdie Regular Member

    Careful of the dogs nose being curious could get him bitten :animated-parrot-image-0025:
  18. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

    Yes they learnt that with the love bird certainly not encouraging it as likely to be a nasty nip  :lol:
  19. charliebirdie

    charliebirdie Regular Member

    Hi do you let your birds out of the cages in the bird room and do you have to do it separate or do some get along with each other, just being curious.
  20. Marcia

    Marcia Regular Member

    Well my lovebird does come out of the  cage and they get along o.K although I would never trust them alone lol...i think one of my dogs would munch him. ....I'm getting my grey bobby tomorrow so we will have to wait and see how it develops ....

    What do your have??