My Lovely Babies,my Heart!

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Here i am going to show you my three (at the moment) babies!!!

My two female senegals, Merlin and Ira.

Merlin talks unstoppably, and says in Greek of course words such as ''little baby'' and ''little babies''/ in singular and plural, ''baby'' and ''sneaky''.

Also sends kisses all the time, whistles and mimes the owl very well.

merlin is 1,5 year old.

Ira is a younger baby girl very calm and sweet,weird for a senegal loves to death merlin and me and for the time being she only whistles and sends kisses. She is young i guess but has a larger and fatter body than Merlin.

She is very clever and loves playing with her toys with Merlin with me and travels in her trasportation box.

Seth is my 5 month old black headed caique, i received him from a local breeder last month.

He is such a character, he already sends kisses,gives kisses on my mouth, whistles, and generally he is a clown all the time in all the ways he can. He pretends to be a bat looking down from my hand or fingers, he feeds me and the other birds(trying to) and he is maniac with my head,

Thats all for now!!!!DSC00905.JPG20140828_225633.jpg20140828_230704.jpg20140828_231158.jpg20140903_230837.jpg20140904_194726.jpg20140813_221901.jpg20140904_220743.jpg20140822_220208.jpg20140904_193311.jpg20140904_193339.jpg20140904_194848.jpg20140904_194710.jpg

nikol witch

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Thank you very muxh :) . Despite the fact that i work 9-10 hours everyday except weekends, i do my best and i think i keep them happy!!!!I buy them lots of toys, calcium, the seed mix,pellets, i give them also fruits and vegetables, they fly around the room!!!!!
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And i love blue fronted amazons such as yours hehe.

Thanks  a lot...i will post more photos or videos of my parrots if you crave it.
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