My little girl died

Michael Reynolds

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I think we all are pleased you are waiting for your bird to be fully weened. do not worry no weeds will grow on your bird in that time , so it wont have to be fully weeded Ha Ha sounds like you have used predictive text but we all know what you meant :thumbsup:


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My little fluffy daisy passed away at the vets in the night about 4.30am I’m so upset 😭 I’m totally lost. I had her only a few week but I loved her sooo so much it’s awful . I got her my daughter for Xmas. I’ve still got the terrible news to tell her this morning. I know she’s going to take it bad as well. She’s autistic. And everything else I’m lost I’ve Tried my best . It’s not about I’ve payed £1400 .
I just wanted to make her happy Christmas as we adopted her as a baby 👶. It’s going to be so so hard
I’m think of taking her to the pet shop ( parrot) not to replace our daisy baby bird . I just don’t know what to do
Sorry to hear about ur daisy .we lost are dog not a nice pain thinking of u its now 2 years and my husband bought me a 5 month blue kakiriki . For xmas he will never replay my dog mikey we had a stone statue of him in the garden . But he's so cute


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I am sorry that you are going down the baby route once more. You will need to well clued up with food, body language, and generally how to keep a parrot happy and in good health. It is good you have found us here and we are all a pretty patient lot who think of the bird first but we are not a crutch for every mishap to befall.

If you join a charity there is the option of support from good people, you could always become a safe home so get to know several birds and if one chooses you then apply to adopt. If you adopt the one (charity) I am thinking of will take it back into the charity so not much harm done. BTW do you know that there are plenty of birds needing good homes because baby birds are sooo cute but when they hit adolescence they (people) are not happy to see it through and it gets dumped. I have three birds and they are all had previous homes for different reasons. It does not mean that they love me less or me them and because they are a bit older they are a bit more settled down on the whole. I personally do not think you are thinking straight atm and a period without one would be good on the whole.


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Thanks I taken a lot in thinking still going to buy a baby one I’ve been to the rescue in Blackpool but it was not for ne(( I know shame )) I’ve had a grey for 25 years I guess he’s probably now 50 lol years old Charlie x it’s got to be the right bird and time waiting 2 years plus now x
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