My Female African Grey Has Laid Two Eggs

Marie Martin

I have an african grey believed to be a male. I rescued this bird 15 month ago. He was in a cage with a box on the side as he likes little dark spaces. 2 weeks ago i rescued another grey believed to be female. They would go in each other cage but dont teally like each other yet. The female has gone in my other birds box and laid two eggs and she has chased my other bird out. Now theres fighting going on if he goes near what was his cage. He is trying allways to get in that box . Im not a breeder these birds are pets not breeding birds. The female has laid an egg before in the corner of the cage when the former owners had her. They gave me a fake egg when i got her. Shes allways with the two eggs and i cant really get near them. I dont know what to do. She loves me but my male hates everyone and is extremely vicious. He seems to get his feathers up if i go near the box too. Im confused as they both show breeding behaviour to me and not each other. I dont think they have mated. I hope they didnt. I would have thought if they did they would both share responsibility and get alone. I've ordered some fake eggs and another box for my male bird as I feel sorry for him. She has stole his box and cage. I give them ornitovit in their water. Is that enough for her. I dont want her to get poorly laying these eggs.


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:welcome: Marie.
Oh dear what a dilemma. I guess members with more experience of Greys will be along with advice for you.
I do wonder whether your 'male' is a female ? But whichever he/she is an intruder into his box is not welcome.
I guess you could put a box on the females cage and transfer eggs to it? Others may advise to do away with the box.
Do give them calcium powder greys need extra calcium anyway not just when egg laying.

Let's see who can offer some advice @Roz @DizzyBlue @Michael Reynolds .....anyone please.

Michael Reynolds

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Hello Mari, and welcome, do you think that the eggs will be fertile? if not then I would just let her lay on them until she has had enough time and abandons them, OK you other grey, was he gifted? did he come with paper work from DEFRA? ok greys can get very protective of the nest so that side I can understand, so she has taken over his box and that is causing upset between the two of them, can you get another box for him to go into? what's there names, we love photos? one of my grey couple have just abandoned there eggs, but they do trust me and let me check all is fine, my other pair will not let me near them when they are on eggs
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:welcome: Marie!

A lot of birds like dark spaces because it is nest like. Trouble is with some birds it can cause a problem. Aggressive defending of the box and even of people, constant breeding mode which is exhausting. It is not surprising that the female is now defending her eggs and the box! I would remove the box as soon as you are able.

A few years ago I saw a video which shows a large cockatoo extremely aggressively defending his space in the kitchen. The owners were at their wits end defending themselves with pieces of MDF wood. It was quickly apparent the 'Too was defending the dark nest space between the wall and the washing machine.

Bobbie, my Red-lored Amazon constantly looks for dark spaces. I don't want her in breeding mode/hormonal year round, so I have had to remove things like cushions from the sofa which she would try to nest behind. I've got draft excluders to stop up the space between the sofa and the floor as she was trying to get under there too. If you provide a box or access to a dark space, it says one thing only: time for babies! Even breeders don't usually provide a nest box year round - it would be too much to ask of their birds physically. Laying eggs is hard on the body.

I have a kind of truce by sometimes putting a large cardboard box on the floor which they can chew to death. But I will remove it again if there is too much fighting or aggression towards me from Kobe (Pionus). I would experiment with what works for you all. Maybe as a transition you could cover the end of the cage where the box was with a sheet or towel to give your male some privacy. Watch him carefully to see that he is ok and not stressed. When they are both out, you might have to temporarily shut the male's cage door to stop the female from going in. I think you'll find that the behaviour will soon change with no boxes around.


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Hi and welcome tot he forum
they won't have mated the eggs will be sterile
The reason they won't have mated is that the birds are arguing rather than being very friendly to each other.
Either that or you give each of them a box o that they can hide away at times. I would presume that the bird who had the box originally was more than likely paired to another bird and that box was to encourage them to breed hence liking to hide away in the box for security amongst other things. The bird that has laid will wish to sit the eggs as they are now in breeding mode and it is more than likely if you remove the box before the behaviour has been complete the bird will lay again if you take away any eggs I would be tempted to allow the bird to fulfil the desire to breed and sit the eggs until they realise that nothing is going to happen that way you won't have the bird continually laying until the behaviour has been satiated. Greys usually have two times a year that they can be broody some like to lay this time of year and some at easter time. I have two greys that were both hatched in November time so were laid this time of year and one grey that goes broody at easter time only if she had young then they would be hatched in May time.

Either they are allowed to each have a box to fulfil the need to lay and hide if they choose or you remove the ability for either of the birds to do so. One box two adults means they will fight and argue over it. The bird that has laid though let her have her eggs until she realises that they are not fertile and let her get it out of her system if you remove the eggs then this more than likely will mean she will keep laying until the desire if fulfilled.
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