Multi-Coloured Owl found in Wolverhampton (WV11) on 19th October 2019 #foundbirds #foundpets


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with out a clue as to the colours seen could be any of them really most have multiple shades to them
suppose anybody in the area having lost an owl would know what they had lost and contact to describe colours other than that if its a wild one that has issues hopefully the person holding it realises they have to have the correct licence to be able to look after it and re-release it …. dare say the lost and found sector of the birds of prey website will have picked up on it we've passed stuff on to them before from this site to theirs their really nice peeps :) know they monitor many of the same sites as we do when it comes to lost and found

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it dose say description required to whether it had equipment on, sounds like the bird was tethered or has a tracker. if it has a tracker then there is a good chance it may be a wild bird that information is being gathered on. Owners of some birds of prey do fit trackers, if it is tethered then it may of escaped

Michael Reynolds

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I am sorry I do not agree, they may not know that birds can be micro chipped or not had one checked for yet. the fact that they state "description required to whether it had equipment on" to me sounds like it has been found wearing something, why else would they ask>
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