Mr P Happy Hatchday


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Happy Hatchday ya Liverpudlian twonk :heart1: 12 today
Daftest bag of feathers ever you are and even though you have spent the past few years trying your hardest to kill me off … I loves ya :)
Looking forward to the next 12 :) if anything it will be interesting :risas3: xxxxx
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@plumsmum the DYH Ammie in my avatar :)
When purchased his name was Mr Pickles but get fed up of typing that on forum lol so he gets referred to either as P or MrP on here depending on what mood he's in :risas3: he does sing his name when doing the Happy Birthday renditions sometimes responds to his name sometimes totally ignores me no matter what I say :p
Can't help you on that one at the moment @plumsmum haven't taken any pictures of the monster of late get the camera out and take your eyes of him for a moment and the next thing he's trying to attack you while your using the camera :watchout: when he's out my beady bobbly eyeballs are firmly fixed on him.
Although have to say he is starting to give some signs of what he intends to do he was desensitised in effect to giving any warnings or signs of his intentions but is starting to use the odd one or two been here a few years now and slowly but surely we are making headway :) give it another 10 years :risas3:
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