Monday 9th December

bikergirl Carol

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Morning all. It did blow a bit last night. Ive been upstairs wrapping gifts this morning so Charlie is in the huff with me. I usually have a happy helper :chicken_runwhen i wrap but I decided I was going to do it alone this time.
Im off to the hospital this afternoon to have my retanopothy ....i know thats not spelt right, im getting some stuff squerted into my eyes so they can have a look at the back. it stings but then i leave looking like a zombie with very red eyes and everything looks like im looking through a glass of water. Hopefully they will be ok.
Safe day everyone x

Michael Reynolds

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good afternoon all, i hope the hospital appointment goes well Carol. yes it was windy with small branches down in Kent, had to go to town just to the bank but was so glad to get back home away from the breeze. birds are all calling and singing. have a good day everyone


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Sounds like some of you had it bad last night, don't think we did but then I can sleep through a hurricane, I already have.

Sounds like my dog missing since May 12th, has been found, well sighted by loads of people but down in Peterborough, long way from home, so and wishing and praying that wonderful Dog Search can trap her and she can come home for Christmas. It is her, I have seen a video.


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Hope you get the dog back for Christmas, @Kendra! What a bad girl to run away and go so far.

In laws went off in a huff today because they think I shouldn't tell my big daughter off when she is naughty. She was pretending not to hear Daddy so that she didn't have to pick up her lego that she had just thrown all over the floor. Unfortunately they tend to turn up at a time of day when she should be napping (so she is already overtired), then they encourage her to show off for them, so she gets extra-naughty due to a combination of over-excitement and over-tiredness which is mostly their doing. Then they think that she is "Too little" to be taught how to behave. It's like they never had children themselves! :BangHead:


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Lol a 'Hanging Parrot' - yes there are such a specie although not sure of their official name. But saw them once at a PS show many years ago.
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