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Monday 7th January

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nigalius, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Nigalius

    Nigalius Madras Regular Member

    Morning All...

    Its a warm morning outside at 9.2c and its going to stay like that for some while but gales are due mid morning with gusts up to 54mph at least. I can hear even now that its quite blustery.

    Nacho and Roxy are both fine and I continued with my training of Nacho to get him to step up with 100% success. My next job will be to get him stepping up without a pine nut. Its just like asking me to relax without an Espresso.

    I have not had any espresso's yet and try to leave them until any work is done like birds and any washing up if it was left. Then I can sit down and get that smell whafting up my nostrils, its just like walking into Starbucks. My eating is again continuing to improve but this time I will only leave the meds off on doctors orders. Nothing is planned for today which I like and sometimes I seem to get lots done which should have been done beforehand.

    Have a Great Monday Everyone and make sure those not 100% continue to improve.



    PS:- Now its time for those Espresso's. :aplastao:
  2. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Guest

    Its too early for this malarky, been sneaking around and quietly getting ready, finally woke the birds up now and they are not ready to get up haha all snuggled up still in bed bless them, they hate early mornings
    They poked there heads out and looked at me with little sleepy eyes and now they've gone back to bed!
  3. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Good morning Nigel and Heater and all that follow, I will post later as I am going to see Harry the grey that stayed with me
  4. dianaT

    dianaT Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Good morning
    A dull damp windy day here.
    Hope all goes well for everyone today.
  5. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    Just come back from a lovely visit and I was very happy with Harry well it was a red sky this morning then was sunny for a short while but soon clouded over but very calm at the moment. well you know what they say red sky in the morning so see what chages it may bring.
  6. Heather2131

    Heather2131 Guest

    Afternoon everyone, forum seems quiet
    Im still laughing about the birds this morning, I ended up carrying them down to their main cage when they were still snuggled in bed, not happy bunnies.
    Got them out now, Archies chasing her around, shes not allowed anywhere near him, they've done some foraging.
    I think its time to order some new toys.

    Popped to a pet shop I dont normally go to but its been going for years, they do a bit of supplies for parrots.
    They also do pet boarding, there were conures in which I think were in last time and im not sure if they were for sale or holiday boarding, lovebirds, kakarikis, I finally understand the kak "giggle" they were giggling loads haha
    Rescue rabbits and little kittens.
    What I stared at the most was two huge goldfish, absolutely massive, I really want mine to get that big, they were amazing, they were in a tiny tank though, hopefully not for long but they werent cheap either so not sure who will buy them.
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  7. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    7 Pm here and still scorching. I've got a huge flat-pack bookcase to put together, which I am not particularly looking forward to as it's going to be a lot of work. I was going to start earlier in the day but decided I preferred the temperature to be below 30 before I started - unfortunately I'm not sure it's going to happen today! We're inundated with books at the moment since we got baby L and ourselves lots of new ones for Christmas though, so I don't think I have much choice but to do it soon, as it has got to the stage where we are literally falling over them most days. The identical one I put together last month has proved not to be enough, given that we have far more books than we realized, and that our little girl has a talent for fishing stuff out of boxes and spreading it around!

    My tummy isn't feeling very good either, which doesn't give me much enthusiasm for DIY in suffocating heat.

    The culprit for the latter is a surprise delivery that came from the in-laws yesterday:

    Anyone know what it is?
  8. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    yes its mainly eaten that's what it is
  9. sunnyring

    sunnyring Regular Member

  10. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    @sunnyring - Nope! I doubt many people would want to eat Durian here (though it would probably grow). It seems a very SE Asian speciality! Durian is much smaller than this, by the way - more like the size of a smallish to medim-sized melon. I believe they are related though, so there may be some similarities (never tried Durian, I must say). Anyone know what it actually is? This is quite a common fruit around here - quite a few trees by the roadside are still loaded with fruit that no-one has bothered picking yet, though this is a particularly big specimen.

    The above is only about half the fruit by the way, as the in-laws seem to have sliced it through with a machete before bringing, and kept the other half. The large pan at the top right contains the actual fruit inside (less what I ate while I was extracting it, which turned out to be more than was good for me). I think there were about 2.5-3 kilos in the pan, after I had eaten quite a bit!

    Baby L rather surprisingly liked it, and asked for more! Mrs A only ate one or two pieces though, which is not going to help very much with the Too Much Fruit problem!
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
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  11. Yellowchickenparrot

    Yellowchickenparrot Regular Member

    Who family so so sick no sleep for three days. Hopefully will get back to posting 2mro
  12. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

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  13. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    :risas3::risas3: Michael you crack me up! :risas3:
  14. Ararajuba

    Ararajuba Regular Member

    Sure is!
  15. JessCheekyMia

    JessCheekyMia Regular Member

    Yay I got something right :aaaaa:. Please tell that to my step daughter who says I am thick lol.
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  16. Michael Reynolds

    Michael Reynolds Regular Member

    not to sure on that statement Jess as far as I know I am not thick but I believe it takes one to know one but if you said you are stupid I will agree :risas3::risas3::risas3: